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Circuits C4

“In this unit of circuits, we are assigned to make a pin/bookmark” (Scott Wu, 2021, May 5 ) this famous introduction for this unit is very useful for these blogs. ANYWAY, let’s get into the actual topic. For this unit, I choose to make a pin and this pin is an exploding rectangular prism. I got this idea from my drawing teacher (很不负责) he suggests I start simple. I also l did a Mega Rayquaza and the Minecraft pumpkin. This is fairly easy, but getting the Led into and on the felt is the hard part.

Percy Jackson Essay


Mini Habitat project

Habitat mini-project, ThingLink

My greatest tack away is on this project because this one I learned how to get rid of the background and get only the animal you want. It’s also very fun to do this project.

I feel very good at collecting data and drawing graphs. As well as analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations.

Our Stories Make History

Here is My Sway

I organized my sway to be like this: Collage, 6 Word Memoir, 1st journal entry, Noodle tools citation, 2nd journal entry, recorded audio of a selected journal, Performance/Project, Emotional Timeline, 3rd journal entry.

First is the collage because I want them to know more about the author like in some books there is an about the author page. So I wanted to let the reader know me more in this situation. The second one is the 6 Word Memoir because I want other people know what is going on in the world and then I stick a journal entry in there as what I’m feeling being stuck in the apartment district. Next is my Noodle tools citations, because now they know me, the reader has to know the world. The 2nd journal entry is next because this entry is about swimming just to get some fun in there not like a boring announcement, and to say that you don’t have to be bored at your house, you can go out sometimes too. The recording is for the 2nd journal entry so I want it to be together. I wrote a poem about COVID 19 and recorded it. Next is my timeline because it’s what I did in the hard times of the COVID 19. Last is the 3rd journal entry is how I got in the apartment in the first place.

(the journal entry is in there/ the one with the recording)

My Favourite

My favorite storybook is The Guardian Of The Realm by Geronimo Stilton. This book is about Geronimo saving the Kingdom Of Fantasy using the techniques of the Balanced Path.

This book has a very complicated storyline. The author pulls up a problem. When you think everything is going well, another problem will pop up before Geronimo finishes the first one.  When the second problem is fixed, they return to the main problem, but then there is a potion to be made and Geronimo has to face another problem to find the ingredients.

The words are interesting because the main character is a mouse. they will squeak(instead of say) “For the love of cheese, what are you doing here?” or ” Holly cheese, the famouse actmouse is in New Mouse City!” basically everything is related to cheese.

How Fire has influenced humans


The Hamster Bite

The first draft of the writing is a bit crappy, but now, it has been through much editing to come to this final project. The recent project is not the first idea I came up with; the first one is when I was just born. I was dead for 30 seconds, and I got revived by the doctor just before I was permanently unconscious. That didn’t work because I don’t remember anything other than what my mom told me. The punctuation is a big obstacle for me. I passed it and did what’s feels right. Surprisingly I didn’t mess up with the punctuations when I start to feel the story come to life and begin to feel like I am experiencing the shot and the bite altogether.


Our water filter

We used:

  • filters
  • cloth
  • a tube
  • tape
  • rubber bands

I think engineering is very important because almost every thing we use has been created and tested by using engineering .

Our challenge was to clean the water on this weird island which you can only use the weird stuff which gets washed up on the shore. The only water source on this island is a dirty water pool.


The dirty water is filtered by our creation it came out as this, still a little yellow and brown but it turned out better than the last time we tried it. we have used some more materials but it worked. It took the large pieces of dirt out but the small pieces still washed through the cloth. We would try to add more of the cloth and maybe try some  cotton balls if  we could do it again.

Our design works like this, first the screen blocks out the very big ones and the cloth literally filters the sand and smaller pieces.

I Am Me

I am a friend

I am a foodie

I love pets


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