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Mini Habitat project

Habitat mini-project, ThingLink

My greatest tack away is on this project because this one I learned how to get rid of the background and get only the animal you want. It’s also very fun to do this project.

I feel very good at collecting data and drawing graphs. As well as analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations.

Our water filter

We used:

  • filters
  • cloth
  • a tube
  • tape
  • rubber bands

I think engineering is very important because almost every thing we use has been created and tested by using engineering .

Our challenge was to clean the water on this weird island which you can only use the weird stuff which gets washed up on the shore. The only water source on this island is a dirty water pool.


The dirty water is filtered by our creation it came out as this, still a little yellow and brown but it turned out better than the last time we tried it. we have used some more materials but it worked. It took the large pieces of dirt out but the small pieces still washed through the cloth. We would try to add more of the cloth and maybe try some  cotton balls if  we could do it again.

Our design works like this, first the screen blocks out the very big ones and the cloth literally filters the sand and smaller pieces.

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