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Managing Emotions With Percy

Have you ever lost your temper? Have you lost control of all your emotions before? It’s most likely that you have. If you have, don’t worry. Percy Jackson has the same problems that you have, such as shouting and pushing classmates. Managing emotions can help people like Percy do better academically, and to stay physically and mentally healthy. If you are realizing that you’ve been shouting a lot or raising your voice, maybe you have the same problem as Percy. In his book he states: “’Will you shut up???!?!?!?’ — it came out louder than I meant” (pg. 5) In this quote, Percy acknowledges that what he said came out “louder than he meant,” but he doesn’t do anything to change it. Like many people, he knows that he sometimes has problems controlling emotions, and staying mentally healthy, but he still loses control over them occasionally. According to the article, Why Do We Lose Control of Our Emotions, being a kid like Percy is tough as there are many factors when it comes to mental health. Things can happen at school, at home, and even after school. The author wrote that sometimes, it’s hard to “keep a lid on things”, and our emotions eventually “bubble up.” For a kid like Percy, this is exactly what’s happening. He is not doing well academically at school, and he often gets in fights with Nancy Bobofit. Percy also stated that his stepfather is careless and plays poker all day with his friends. These factors from school and home can cause Percy’s emotions to “bubble up.” 


If you are experiencing many of these problems that Percy has, you might be wondering about what solutions there are. There are many ways to keep yourself calm and to manage your emotions. According to the article Recognizing and Managing Emotions, there are several ways that we can tell how others are feeling, but the main ways are “observing what they say, how they behave and paying attention to their body language.” This means we can tell if someone is feeling down or not. If you find that your friend is nodoing well emotionally, you can try and comfort them. Helping others will give you a sense of pride and could help you out if you are not feeling great. The article also notes that 80% of communication is non-verbal, which means that you really must pay attention to what others are doing to try and help them out. Emotions are not “consciously controlled,” which means that sometimes you will lose control and there’s no way to stop it. There are ways to prevent yourself from losing control in the first place, such as taking deep breaths, talking to someone, and drinking some water. This can prevent you from losing control and “bubbling up” again. Although Percy has had problems managing emotions, he can use these strategies to try and help himself get better. 


In conclusion, managing emotions is important and difficult. However, there are many ways you can prevent yourself from losing control, and to keep others around you joyful as well. 

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Science Ocean Habitat Thinglink Project

What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science?

I think my biggest take away from science is how energy works, and how heat is transferred. It was really fascinating learning how some objects could go from warm to cool, and also the different states of matter.

What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I would love to learn more about energy, and maybe more about how it works and is used in everyday life.

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Blog Post for Book Trailer

(i accidentally forgot to post onto blogs, sorry for turning this in late)



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Humanities Scrapbook Project





Our Stories Make History was all about documenting what we are currently going through down, so that future students, historians, and more can analyze our data and learn all about what happened in 2020. My project is basically a collage and mashup of all the work that I made, into one small digital scrapbook. I organized my project by using a checklist with all the items I wanted to add to my scrapbook, and every time I completed a page, I would check it. This primary source will be useful to future historians and students because they can learn the feelings that people went through, and what happened. Writing down a daily journal is like a diary, so they can tell everything that has gone on in your life at this moment. I am most proud of my make or perform project, because it is both informative and entertaining at the same time. The most challenging thing in this unit was daily journalling. It was hard to remember to write every day, and when I did write, there really wasn’t much to write about. It’s just wake up, do homework, eat, sleep, repeat. That’s all I have for this reflection, and I hope you enjoy this digital scrapbook I put together! 🙂

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Make or Perform Project

this is how to make a pizza-burrito thing. yum.

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Early Humans and Us – Technology

This is my Thinglink project for Humanities. My topic is about technology, and how it has changed the way we live.


I hope you enjoy!

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Scissoreines Survives Science Cup Insulator Project

This is my group’s cup insulator, she is called Scissoreines. The way she works is by wrapping her around a cup or mug and then attaching the Velcro together. Then, you can add a cap by placing it on the cup and taking it off by pulling the string on top.

I am proud of the design of this insulator because of its aesthetics, and also how well it worked. The temperature of the water inside the mug only dropped by 10.3 degrees Celsius. The hardest part of the project was probably cutting the materials, and also gluing the different parts together. After the test, some of the hot glue melted and parts of the cap broke. If I were to redesign this, I would probably use something else to attach the materials instead of hot glue.

That is all I have to say for Scissoreines and our project.


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I Am From Poem Repost

Repost of my I Am From Poem

https://read.bookcreator.com/kLuavzRru-n2v7DO3MLjEg94r2ceVYG6zXwOj-qiDIY/ChExgY6KQNCy1zuDJC4UtA” style=”display:block;color:#333;line-height:1.2;text-decoration:none;text-align:left;padding:0;font-weight:normal” target=”_blank”>I Am From

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I Am From Poem

I Am From Poem Book Creator

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