"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

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Elisa_Banning single-use of plastics – corrections




Happiness can effect everyone in the world and in their lives. Happiness isn’t something that you can control. People in Warwick University made a project. They showed the people 2 different film clips, the first film clip was a happy one, and the second one was neither happy nor sad. The people who watched the happy clip had worked more than their partner. Some doctor had discovered that the people who are happier make faster and more perfect assessment, so a lot of teacher cares about the student emotional well-being.Not even success don’t make you happier, happiness makes you Success. The people who are happy are have a healthier body. The people who are happier live longer than the ones who are unhappy. Happier people contribute to society, they like to do volunteer work and public actives.Money isn’t the key to happiness. If people have mental illness, then they won’t be happy. Now, most of the leaders will measure their success of how much money they made or how much products had they sold. Happiness is a silly goal, it makes people feel better in their lives. Happiness matters a lot.

Answering science questions.

  1. the biggest take away from 6th grade is habitats and climates, that I really enjoyed learning.
  2. I think that i mastered all requirements very well, I always haded in my works on time and I really toke time to work on it and perform well. I am pretty good at molding and analyzing data, and I am sure that my scientific explanations are pretty accurate.
  3. I am not sure what is on the plan, however I am interests in biology because i can learn more about my surroundings. https://www.thinglink.com/scene/1321840212791263234

“no where to go only home” our story make history.

our story make history 2

our story make history- Elisa’s reflection

during the unit, I had learn more about covid-19 (coronavirus), and this is may final project for humanity. for the project I had organize by sides, the projectcan help the future understand how we went through and what they maybe can’t experience, so it is called our story make history.  in future their technology might be better than us or more, but from our story they can learn what had happened or understand how we went through  every single day, week, month.

My Favorite

no ballet shoes in Syria is a important book for me, because 1st I dance ballet, 2nd ballet is my favorite dance, 3rd ballet changed my life.

Early Humans and us Thinglink project-community

Here is my early humans thinglink project about how did community influenced humans throughout history.


A new book copy


My first draft it has a lot of grammar mistake and past tense mistake, like is or was. Before I though my  topic is going to be Challenge Of Moving, but after I notice that moving is not a easy thing, you need to change a lot for moving place to place, house to house…., so I changed to challenge of change. I pretty like my final piece (and tittle)because I work on my mistakes and I finished my final piece!

my card board arcade game

my biggest successes was making the slingshot work, because is the part that didn’t really work well and we have to remake the part, but after is working pretty well.


one thing i would change is the theme because it look really awkward when  the grade 4 came innot alot of people came because the elephant looks weird.

my biggest obstacle is that painting because we made a big mess and we have to paint a lot.

where i am from

I Am From… 


By : Elisa Zhang 6-2


I am from a habitat that has cats  



I am from full size cat scratches  




I play with the furry blubbery gray cat that reminds me of stone colored my sofa 



The cat made me feel loved in my heart



that second quick yellow and black cat 



I pick them up when I was stressed out



I am from musical Austria and the spicy food of china  



From a different cat in different countries


A World that have to have cats





I am from a family that speaks a lot of languages 



From the Zhang family and Pongratz family 



I am from a strong and active sporty family  




I am from everything for life on my desk  



from a family that doesn’t want to wake up for the early morning 



I am From a tiger mom that always says “GO TO BED IT’S ALREADY 10 O’CLOCK! ”  



I look at my phone but it’s still 8:30 




I am from food family



I am from eating spicy and hotpot family 



I am from a dad that cook so well that everyone love it



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