Materials used:

Bottle  1

wooden pipe  1

thick cloth . 1

cotton balls

window sill  1


the problem is: we are trapped in a small island, we are thirsty, and the water is full of dirt and bacteria, we must make a filter that can clean the water, we got good luck, there is a bottle in the shore.

Why dose engineering important, because we make the world a better place, for example,  planes makes us travel faster,  in China now, you can pay with QR codes, that makes us pay fasters, that is all engineering.

My challenge is, in the first try, the experiment doesn’t work, because we don’t have enough materials, and when we try to get more materials, there were non of the materials that we need are left, so we can only find materials that represents that material.

we used a 1.25 L coca cola bottle, we cut the top of the bottle and we put cotton fabric little rocks and sand all into the bottle, and we use the bottom to be the cup that holds the water. our first try was no that successful, it looks like pee. our second try is successful, the water looks like tea, but still not really clean pure water. if i can change our filter again, we will put more cotton in it, because it really cleans the water.