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Prototype reflections

I have made an prototype for detecting smell, it is based on a gaming character and a lightning rod, I think I can so better by doing the whole thing slower, I made it too fast and it don’t look good.

light box design reflection

it is a very fun quarter during design, we’ve got a challenge by my design teacher, Mr layman, by making a lightbox about our favorite place that we forget during the Covid 19. i’ve learned that making a light box is hard and takes alot of time. i’ve learned a lot of design skills on my computer too, i learned how to use illistater to design boxes and layers. if i could make a new light box, i would chose a different place because the black hole is a bit easy for me. i want challenging things.


Hi! i am Eric! my favourite time in teach is the passion lesson, i and jason teaches grade 4 basketball, the students are very good at listening. my challenging time in teach is when we prepare the materials for passion lesson, we had to ask an PE teacher to borrow basketballs. i really want to teach gr4 students minecraft because they are in a unit about minecraft. i think teach class can be better by having more grads participate and having more passion lesson!


Today, we teach Grade 4 and grade 2, we read books together, and they read to us too, we have a fun time together!

We read to each other and they said that the’ve learned something new.

the thing that we can do better is to have more time.

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