I am from…  

I am from a wonderful family full of happiness, plants, flowers and the flowery smell of my fancy flowers which I cloud smell from miles away
From Bo my little brother who is always fun to play Minecraft with
From Tracy my sister who is always super helpful with  my homework
From my grandma who always cooks delicious, juicy food for me every weekend
From my mom who can always help me to calm down
From my dad who always shows me brand-new  technologies that I never even heard of
What a wonderful family I have!
I am from toys,
Cars, LEGO, stuffed animals, bouncy balls
From small to big it’s the thing that always Accompanied me
It’s the thing that I can’t live without!
I am from video games
From Minecraft, which I begged my mom to download it for years
From Xbox which my father bought a long long time ago which I still use
I am from many places and things and I love all of them.