It should be clear to most people that in the book, Percy Jackson has some major issues. Percy’s performance in school showed not only bad grades but also problems with friendship. Nevertheless, I believe that Percy Jackson will be much happier if he had friends or could control his emotions.



Firstly, Percy Jackson will be less stressed and frustrated if he had a good friend. In the story, Percy Jackson didn’t have many friends except for Grover. He sometimes is depressed and frustrated. There is much evidence in the book to prove it. Like, on page 36(iBook) he threw his “Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology” book across the room the night before the test. This problem though could be easily solved by simply having friends. “In a study of over 100 people, researchers found that people who completed a stressful task experienced a faster recovery when they were reminded of people with whom they had strong relationships.”


Percy is also anxious about things. In the story “I’d have to get a summer job walking dogs or selling magazine subscription and spend my free time worrying about where I’d go to school in the autumn. ” Can prove that Percy is worried about having to go to a new school. Thinking too much is affecting Percy’s grade and also his attitude towards many things. He can’t focus when he is worrying too much. For example, in the article “Distract yourself. Yes, you are that shallow. Watching a bit of TV, reading, or surfing the internet will probably help you forget that you were feeling a bit down.” Could lead Percy to a happier life.


Percy has a lot of problems, one of them is controlling emotions. It sometimes could be a big problem if you can’t control your emotions. For example, on page 14 (iBook) “I’m going to kill her,” I mumbled.” This exposed his way of controlling emotions. He can’t control his emotions very well. In the article, it said, “Understanding this link to memory and values gives you the key to managing your emotional response.” If Percy Jackson could control his emotions, he could make more friends and not be so frustrated every time.


In conclusion, Percy has some big issues. However, these could be easily solved in several ways. Having friends, knowing how to control emotions, how to focus when studying are some key character traits that are going to lead Percy Jackson to a better life.