In product design this year, we were challenged to make a lightbox involving the use of computer programming, laser cutting multiple layers to create a lightbox featuring a place where I want to travel to the most. At the start of the unit, we were online. I couldn’t download the necessary app to make create the layers. I was working in a small group with Mr. Gabbie to do the same things but in pages. With internet issues every 2mins or so, it had made learning a challenge.

The Location I chose to create is Japan. I go to Japan every year to ski; It has the greatest powder snow I’ve seen. Besides of skiing, I absolutely love Japanese food. The hotel we stay in also provides a “gaming district”. It is full of games and 4D movies too. This year, however, due to the encounter of the coronavirus, we stayed in China and were forced to a local skiing resort. Terrible food, terrible fake snow. I really wish I could go back to Japan.


In the developing part of my lightbox, I made a mountain in for the background, a Japanese temple on the right, and a snowy tree on the left. Likewise, I placed the LED light behind the mountain to create the effect of the sun.

From adobe illustrator to my handcrafting skills, I have learned so many different skills this semester. One of the most valuable skills I have mastered is adobe illustrator. With this amazing program, I was able to create very specific detailing and grouping different shapes together.

There is still one thing I want to change to improve my project. I will add a snowy hill that fills half of the box and hide the LED behind it. This is going to make the light go from the back to the front and create an amazing effect.