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Final Project

I made timelines, and read articles. It has been a fun unit.

I used thinglink because it is easy to use and there are icons to click on.

I am most proud of my college. Because it was fun to make.

I had some challenges that I can’t ask teachers questions whenever I want, I had to send an email.



Instrument Design Challenge

In the design challenge, I made my own clarinet. Mine worked pretty well and it managed to play Hot Cross Buns almost the same as the real saxophone.

My clarinet almost failed because I made the two finger holes too close together. And the other one is supposed to be on the other side. I was lucky that is still worked really well.

material used:

PVC, for the main body.

Felt, for the decoration on the bottle at the top.

Plastic bottle, for the horn. (removable)

My saxophone mouthpiece.

Hot glue, to attach things.

(The one on the top is mine. )




I think I did pretty well because I wrote this last year and there’s a big difference with the last year’s one and this one. I added stronger words and sentences. It’s better and longer too. My challenge is that I don’t know how to describe the theme. There’s a big difference between my first draft and the final now. At first, I used both past and present tense and no fugitive languages. My first draft is a really weird piece of writing that doesn’t make any sense . But now, I added a lot of fugitive languages and all using past tense. It’s also one of my best narrative writing I have ever written.

My cardboard arcade

My biggest success was there were a lot of people playing my game at the cardboard arcade day.

My biggest obstacle was that the fence keeps falling off, and we have to rebuild the fence every class.

If I did this again I will make the obstacles differently.

I am From poem

I am from…  

I am from a wonderful family full of happiness, plants, flowers and the flowery smell of my fancy flowers which I cloud smell from miles away
From Bo my little brother who is always fun to play Minecraft with
From Tracy my sister who is always super helpful with  my homework
From my grandma who always cooks delicious, juicy food for me every weekend
From my mom who can always help me to calm down
From my dad who always shows me brand-new  technologies that I never even heard of
What a wonderful family I have!
I am from toys,
Cars, LEGO, stuffed animals, bouncy balls
From small to big it’s the thing that always Accompanied me
It’s the thing that I can’t live without!
I am from video games
From Minecraft, which I begged my mom to download it for years
From Xbox which my father bought a long long time ago which I still use
I am from many places and things and I love all of them.

Water Filter

This is the water filter that I made in science class.

The challenge is to make a water filter to survive on an island.

I think engineering is important because you can make things to make life easier.

I design this water filter because I searched for water filters online. It worked pretty well.  I will remove the sand and add another layer of cotton balls if I could do this again.

Our challenge is that the water filter is not doing anything.

Material used:


-little rocks



-plastic bottle


The Story About My Name

Hey guys! today I am going to teach you about my name! I’m called Eugene because when I’m 1 my dad brought me to his American friend, that time, I don’t have an English name yet so my dad called me “You Zhen” but, his friend doesn’t know any Chinese so he thought my name is Eugene “Eugene?! What a fantastic name for him” said my dad’s friend. And yes, that’s how I got my name. And Eugene also means a wellborn man.  

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