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A Revolution Fought by “Guerrillas”

The Cuban revolution was a salad of bloodshed, different ideas, and “guerrillas”. Dictatorship was an idea the Cubans did not accept. The M26-7 was an uprising led by Fidel Castro to fight against their dictator Batista. Castro and his men were clever with the ways they fought. Guerrilla warfare was an example. The word “guerrilla” comes from Spanish meaning “little war”. Guerrilla warfare consisted of ambushing with a small team against a larger group and hit and run tactics. These tactics were what made the M26-7 grow in popularity so quickly. It had gradually guided the M26-7 to a road of hurdles and carnage. 

Faux Leather Challenge

In product design this semester, we were challenged to make something out of an A4-sized faux leather. The first thing that came to mind was a wallet. I always have the problem of losing my ID card. I decided to make an ID cardholder.

The main features of the wallet are the two pockets sticking out on the two sides. These pockets could be used to hold ID cards, paper money, or credit cards.

I am proud of myself because I have overcome my biggest fear – sewing. I always struggle to sew; it has always been a challenge to me. This time, I got help from other fellow classmates, and I think did great.

If I could restart, I would have made the wallet a bit bigger, make it double-sided, so it looks better on both sides. I would also add a snap to the wallet to make it actually close and keep the things inside.

Design Leather Challenge

One problem I have on a daily basis is that I keep forgetting to bring my ID card to school. Without the ID card, I couldn’t access the school and have to check my name off with security.  My solution is to make a magnetic wallet and stick it onto my fridge. I pass my fridge daily so it will be the perfect spot to keep my ID card safe.


I got my inspiration from these photos.

Design Smell Detectors

In project design, we were challenged to create a “smell detector”. I created a watch that shoots out smaller “smell detectors”. The detectors fly out, detects the smell around it, comes back and the smells will display on the screen. Paired with the watch, it has a charging pad. Flip the watch around to charge.

I got my inspiration from the watch from the movie “Kingsman” they had this cool watch that shoots out poisonous bullets. I thought it would be cool to turn it into a smell detector.


Design Light Box

In product design this year, we were challenged to make a lightbox involving the use of computer programming, laser cutting multiple layers to create a lightbox featuring a place where I want to travel to the most. At the start of the unit, we were online. I couldn’t download the necessary app to make create the layers. I was working in a small group with Mr. Gabbie to do the same things but in pages. With internet issues every 2mins or so, it had made learning a challenge.

The Location I chose to create is Japan. I go to Japan every year to ski; It has the greatest powder snow I’ve seen. Besides of skiing, I absolutely love Japanese food. The hotel we stay in also provides a “gaming district”. It is full of games and 4D movies too. This year, however, due to the encounter of the coronavirus, we stayed in China and were forced to a local skiing resort. Terrible food, terrible fake snow. I really wish I could go back to Japan.


In the developing part of my lightbox, I made a mountain in for the background, a Japanese temple on the right, and a snowy tree on the left. Likewise, I placed the LED light behind the mountain to create the effect of the sun.

From adobe illustrator to my handcrafting skills, I have learned so many different skills this semester. One of the most valuable skills I have mastered is adobe illustrator. With this amazing program, I was able to create very specific detailing and grouping different shapes together.

There is still one thing I want to change to improve my project. I will add a snowy hill that fills half of the box and hide the LED behind it. This is going to make the light go from the back to the front and create an amazing effect.



Percy Jackson Writing

It should be clear to most people that in the book, Percy Jackson has some major issues. Percy’s performance in school showed not only bad grades but also problems with friendship. Nevertheless, I believe that Percy Jackson will be much happier if he had friends or could control his emotions.



Firstly, Percy Jackson will be less stressed and frustrated if he had a good friend. In the story, Percy Jackson didn’t have many friends except for Grover. He sometimes is depressed and frustrated. There is much evidence in the book to prove it. Like, on page 36(iBook) he threw his “Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology” book across the room the night before the test. This problem though could be easily solved by simply having friends. “In a study of over 100 people, researchers found that people who completed a stressful task experienced a faster recovery when they were reminded of people with whom they had strong relationships.”


Percy is also anxious about things. In the story “I’d have to get a summer job walking dogs or selling magazine subscription and spend my free time worrying about where I’d go to school in the autumn. ” Can prove that Percy is worried about having to go to a new school. Thinking too much is affecting Percy’s grade and also his attitude towards many things. He can’t focus when he is worrying too much. For example, in the article “Distract yourself. Yes, you are that shallow. Watching a bit of TV, reading, or surfing the internet will probably help you forget that you were feeling a bit down.” Could lead Percy to a happier life.


Percy has a lot of problems, one of them is controlling emotions. It sometimes could be a big problem if you can’t control your emotions. For example, on page 14 (iBook) “I’m going to kill her,” I mumbled.” This exposed his way of controlling emotions. He can’t control his emotions very well. In the article, it said, “Understanding this link to memory and values gives you the key to managing your emotional response.” If Percy Jackson could control his emotions, he could make more friends and not be so frustrated every time.


In conclusion, Percy has some big issues. However, these could be easily solved in several ways. Having friends, knowing how to control emotions, how to focus when studying are some key character traits that are going to lead Percy Jackson to a better life.










The “Endgame” with Thanos’ snap: How would Earth fare in the aftermath? By By

Thanos is a powerful being. He gathered all six infinity stones to wipe out half of the living beings across all galaxies. He thinks he’s doing the right thing, he believed that planets will eventually be too small. The people on the planet will suffer from starving and overpopulation. When he finally succeeded, it wasn’t a good ending for either him or anyone else.

But even if it is true, scientists believe that it won’t be harmful to humans. Even though Thanos wiped out half of our main source of food, the useful things in our body like microscopic organisms, or microbes. Scientists claim that there are billions of cells in our body losing half of them shouldn’t be the problem.

My Ocean Habit Science ThingLink

Final Project

I made timelines, and read articles. It has been a fun unit.

I used thinglink because it is easy to use and there are icons to click on.

I am most proud of my college. Because it was fun to make.

I had some challenges that I can’t ask teachers questions whenever I want, I had to send an email.



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