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Habitat Mini Project

My biggest takeaway from science this year is high pressure and low pressure. I never really understood how they specifically worked until I learned them in this science class. If I were to comment myself on the report card I honestly don’t know. Something I want to work on next year is definitely physics because physics is awesome and I watch loads of physics shows.

Hello, Universe Humanities Project

For my reading project, I read Hello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly. It was a great book. It was all about friendship and I found it interesting because one of the characters is really like me! He is shy and really cares about his pet. Sadly, I don’t have a pet so that second one isn’t really my kind. My project represents my thinking as it shows the series of events the character has gone through and logos that represent the character traits. The project improved my thinking by making me focus more on the characters than the plot and the story.

Coronavirus Journeys


My Coronavirus experience

I want to tell everyone about my experience and thoughts on the latest outbreak, COVID-19.

This is the first outbreak I’ve lived through and it is really annoying! The Coronavirus can cause some good things and some bad things. But I’m pretty sure that bad overtakes the good. Outbreaks are just some germs taking over the world, nothing more nothing less also killing some they infect.

So first of all, this sickness is causing school closures which is good. But the problem is that the school finds a way to learn at home. E-learning. E-learning totally ruins the vibe. I mean, who enjoys thinking they’re free from school and then you look at your laptop and notice that you probably have homework. E-learning also has some good sides too! It’s fun and interesting because learning on the laptop isn’t a normal thing you would do. Also, E-learning is just solid work and the teacher doesn’t need to explain much. That also brings up a bad thing. Having only one class post homework constantly is fine but of course, you’ll have other classes that are also doing the same creating a pile of work to do.

What this sickness also does is make you stay home. Some parents can’t stand their kids playing around at home making a mess so, consequently, they send them to another school which is not closed (which is what my parents did). However, staying at home does counteract that E-learning bit. It grants you more time for your homework assignments solving that problem. But, staying at home decreases the amount of communication between others making it very boring and pointless.

There is no need to be worried about this sickness (unless you are a parent) because there are lots of ways you can stop this sickness from getting you. For example, washing your hands when you arrive home from a public place or even a place with no people at all. Another way is to make sure you listen to the news and be caught up to date. I’m very sure that there are other people like me, getting sent to school when you already have other schoolwork. But, never look to the bad side. Always look up and think that this will be over very soon.

Development of tools over time


The infographic went smoothly and the video and script went well.

The uploading to thinglink blog and other stuff were hard and challenging.

I would change my primary sources and also find a topic easier to write on.

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