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A Large Lady and A Large Bag

This is my poem that was made out of the short story “Thank You M’am” (page 1) by Langston Hughes. This poem is an external conflict character vs character piece between a lady (Protagonist) and a boy (Antagonist). The main conflict is when the boy tries to steal the lady’s bag then run away, but then slips. At fist the book makes you think that the boy is lying, mean, and overall not a good person, but as the story goes on he is actually polite, tells the truth, and needs help. My artwork at the bottom of the page is a scene I imagine in my head when i read the first few lines of the book.

HU project

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The Rose Scam

What about the mom?

Rodrick Rules Dog Days

The insta post is the final thing. The other two are so you can read it. The grey one is “Dog Days” and the other one is “Rodrick Rules”

Projects, COLLIDE!!! (Our story makes history)

How Has Tech Changed Over Time?

Something that went well for me was making the video, I really enjoy filming myself and talking about homo Erectus. Something that was a little hard was that I didn’t really get the instructions and wish they were a little more clear. If I could start over and do this again I would give myself a better timeline. I gave myself to much time and wasted a bunch of it goofing around.

The adventure of Teach!

Teach was a really fun, exciting part of my life and i would love to keep doing it for the whole year. Sadly i can’t, i have to let other student have a try and maybe have as much fun as me! So i am going to share my favorite thing, the most challenging thing, if i would like to work with kids in the future and finally and finally if i could would i change anything about it.

1. My favorite thing that i did was working on flip grid with the little 2nd graders.

2.i challenge i faced was getting the kids excited and not bored.

3.I would LOVE to work with young kids int he future it make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

4.If i could i would change what we teached the kids.

Homo Habilis

One of the biggest capabilitys of the homo habilis is them being able to run/walk on two feet because it helps them gather and hold food better. Also after a long time they started using there hands to chip rocks to make tools.


The island of me

My bed is a waterfall, where I feel free

My life is like a river on and on until it reaches the ocean

I’m like a plain boring as can be

My school is an ocean Its about 75% of the world

My fear is a forest everywhere all the time

My mood is a mountain always changing going up and down and up and down

My anger is a volcano scary and dangerous

I feel trapped like a boat in a lake

My anxiety is like a desert never changing and sometimes getting hotter

My homework is like a bay, I can see the way out but it’s very far away

I’m stuck like an island in the middle of the sea

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