"Life is hard, But so are you."

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The island of me

My bed is a waterfall, where I feel free

My life is like a river on and on until it reaches the ocean

I’m like a plain boring as can be

My school is an ocean Its about 75% of the world

My fear is a forest everywhere all the time

My mood is a mountain always changing going up and down and up and down

My anger is a volcano scary and dangerous

I feel trapped like a boat in a lake

My anxiety is like a desert never changing and sometimes getting hotter

My homework is like a bay, I can see the way out but it’s very far away

I’m stuck like an island in the middle of the sea

The life of a cat lover

The Life of a Cat Lover

I am from a kitty that welcomes me with her belly in the air,

running to her food bowl begging for what she always receives,

and when I go sit down to do my homework she sits right where the work is the hardest and I’m most eager to finish.

I am from failures that happen all the time but are supported and told that everyone does it.

for example, when I tried making pancakes for the first time I burned every one of them because I refused help.

Or when I accidentally step on my cat’s tail because they zoom by right where I’m about to step.

I am from thousands,

and thousands,

of toys that I refuse to give away

because each and everyone has a special memory that I would HATE to lose.

I am from ISB where classes are endless,

homework is an eternity

but wonderful teachers and laughing with friends.

What am i?

Cats! What am I? I am a Cat lover. I have two cats at home and have had 4 cats in total. I love cats with all my heart and wouldn’t trade them for $100. My cats. This link is a video of my cats play fighting.

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