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Lip Balm Trial 1



What is good about lip balm?

Kevin H
nice texture

William C
It feels like Vaseline lotion, slimy, watery and smooth. I think it’s suitable for me.

It feels very smooth and nice

Cindy H
Its very soft

Daniel H
It’s smooth

What is bad about lip balm?

Kevin H
smell could be changed

William C
It smells like the Mosquito thing, that I really don’t like the smell of it.


Cindy H
Maybe change the scent

Daniel H
scent is too strong

What is improvement or feedback to my trial 1 lip balm?

Kevin H
change the smell to shampoo

William Y.C
In my opinion I think change the smell is better.

Change smell to lavender or vanilla

Cindy H
Make less oily

Daniel H
change scent or make scent weak

How I would improve?

When I made the first lip balm, it had so many smell, but it is very comfortable. However, after 1 or 2 month, lip balm is more comfortable. I would improve by next time measure more correctly the essential oil or change types of essential oil. Also, If I can put more than 4.5g, I can make full the lip balm tube. I will change my recipe that reduce the essential oil and shea butter.


Humanity: https://americanhumanist.org/what-is-humanism/definition-of-humanism/

Renaissance: https://www.history.com/topics/renaissance/renaissance


Lip Balm

Ingredient Purpose
Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil The organic sunflower oil in Juteux is a natural and very healthy way to produce moisturizing emollients for lips. … While helping to smooth and prevent wrinkles on lips. At the same time antioxidant properties of organic sunflower oil can help in preventing premature signs of aging.
 Cera alba (beeswax, cire d’abeille) Beeswax is perhaps the most essential ingredient in our lip balms. This is because it contains natural moisturizers that lock in moisture from the air and help keep the skin looking firm and plump.
Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil The primary benefit of coconut oil is its moisturizing effects. This makes it ideal for chapped lips. Your lips are particularly sensitive to moisture loss because the skin is thin, and they’re exposed to the elements more so than other parts of your skin.
Ricinus communis (castor) seed oil Castor oil is commonly used as an ingredient in skin care products, including lip balms and lipsticks. It’s rich in the monounsaturated fatty acid ricinoleic acid, a known humectant. Because of these qualities, castor oil can be applied to lips and skin, either on its own or as an ingredient, to promote hydration.
lanolin Lanolin is a waxy substance that is secreted by the oil glands of sheep, like this fella below. It is used in lip balms such as the cult favorite Lanolins because of its highly emollient properties and ability to prevent water loss. For those who aren’t sensitive, lanolin can be great.
Aroma (flavor)* The majority of fragrances in Burt’s Bees products are natural, composed of proprietary blends of essential oils and natural extracts. Some of our heritage and other products contain partially synthetic fragrances.
 Punica granatum (pomegranate) seed oil Pomegranate seed oil may be especially helpful for those who suffer from acne, eczema, and psoriasis.
tocopherol Its powerful antioxidant abilities make it a favorite ingredient for soothing inflammation and redness, whether as part of a soothing lip balm or a hydrating hand cream.
officinalis (rosemary) leaf extract The tingly sensation of the classic, peppermint-infused Beeswax Lip Balm was unlike anything I had tried before, and immediately I was hooked. Speaking of peppermint, the original flavor basically acts as a breath mint (not the edible kind, of course).
Glycine soja (soybean) oil While Huda Beauty utilizes soybean oil in their lip gloss, soybean oil can be found in a variety of other products, such as skin cleansers, eye makeup and suntan products.
Canola oil (huile de colza) Although natural brand, Burt’s Bees, is currently home to the world’s biggest selling lip balm, it’s propped up by brands such as Carmex, Blistex and Chapstick, all of which rely on ingredients such as petroleum jelly. … Made from 100 per cent pure petroleum jelly, one pot is sold every 39 seconds worldwide.
 carmine We use carmine in some Burt’s Bees lip products because it is a natural alternative to synthetic colorants, which can be derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. Carmine is a natural extract that has been used since Ancient Egyptian times for its red pigment.
Benzyl salicylate Benzyl salicylate is often used as a fragrance enhancer or fragrance fixative and as such has no direct beneficial impact on the skin. However, when applied topically, benzyl salicylate can cause negative reactions, even in small amounts can cause an allergic skin reaction2
cinnamal This is the first Burt’s Bees lip balm I’ve ever owned, and it’s pretty satisfactory. It’s hydrating, nourishing, and gives your lips a smooth, pink tint.
citral Nourishes lips and delights the senses with a burst of sweet, tropical flavor.
eugenol Classic ChapStick has camphor, while ChapStick Medicated and Carmex have both camphor and menthol. Burt’s Bees has neither, but it does have lanolin, which can cause negative reactions in some people.
geraniol The pleasant flavor of geraniol makes it a useful ingredient for lip care products, such as lip gloss and lip balm. Geraniol can also function as an effective plant-based insect repellent. Studies have proven geraniol to be effective in repelling mosquitoes.
hydroxy citronella Hydroxy citronellal is a synthetic fragrance that is widely used in many cosmetics and hygiene products such as deodorants, soaps, antiseptics, and other household items. It has the smell of lilac, lily, and lily of the valley.
Limonene linalool

*natural flavor

Linalool is used as a scent in 60% to 80% of perfumed hygiene products and cleaning agents including soaps, detergents, shampoos, and lotions. It exhibits anti-fungal properties. It is also used as a chemical intermediate. One common downstream product of linalool is vitamin E.

Conflict of Tuesday of the Other June



We have the same name June

Pinched, Fisheyes, Fisheyes

Shoved in pool, water

Grabbed Fingers, Twisted, pinched me


Character: Two Junes, Junes mom, two teachers

Plot: The author is “Norma Fox Mazer” who made “Tuesday of the Other June.” This book is June who gets bullied by the other June when June meets in swimming class. June and she hated Tuesdays which she called “bad days” because she would get bullied by the other girl named June in her swimming class. June “the bully” would call June “the nice girl” fish eyes buffalo brain and also the mean June would creep to the nice June’s house to torment her.

Concept: A girl named June goes to her swimming class every Tuesday and finds someone with the same name as her.

Conflict: June is being bullied by other June because they are the same name and the other June is her name. This conflict is external because it is a person and a person. For example, “No we don’t. June is my name, and I don’t give you permission to use it. Your name is Fish Eyes.” She pinched me hard. “Got it, Fish Eyes?” This quote is other June bullying June and fight between June and Other June, a person and a person.

Theme: June stood up for herself. The other June will never bother her again. This theme is to defend yourself and prevent bullies from dominating your life.

Explanation of poem: “We have the same name June” is a main problem of this story, the reason why the other June is making fun of me. “Pinched, Fisheyes, Fisheyes, shoved in pool, water, Grabbed Fingers, Twisted, pinched me” is a situation of June bullied by the other June.

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Seasons of Korea 4city

在春天, 汉城是最好的去处。汉城在春天很中间。汉城的春天的从三月到五月,气温从3度到26度。汉城的天气常常是晴天,有时候多云。









Percy Jackson Informational Blog

There is many choose chance of Percy Jackson. But Percy Jackson have many trouble. I should talk about to trouble of Percy Jackson.


In pg.1 “My name is Percy Jackson.

I’m twelve years old. Until a few months ago, I was a boarding student at Yancy Academy, a private school for troubled kids in upstate New York.” I think this is bad education of Percy Jackson.


“See, bad things happen to me on field trips. Like at my fifth-grade school, when we went to the Saratoga battlefield, I had this accident with a Revolutionary War cannon. I wasn’t aiming for the school bus, but of course I got expelled anyway.” This is bad situation of school trips because if in revolutionary War cannon has bomb, he should kill many people then other people surprise and I think they could see Percy was monster, the rebel army or he crazy, and want to do war.


In pg.17 “I started feeling cranky and irritable most of the time. My grades slipped from Ds to Fs. I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class.

Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for spelling tests, I snapped. I called him an old sot. I wasn’t even sure what it meant, but it sounded good.” This is second time of bad education than before six grades of Percy Jackson. I think if Percy Jackson fight someone, he can’t concentration of test.


I think everything are wrong of education of Percy Jackson because I think he have some curiosity of many weapon that is danger of many people. I think if Percy Jackson want to go to school, before, he has to study of concept, manners or power of Percy Jackson.


“My grades slipped from Ds to Percy Jackson Fs.” In here, I think he need some study tips because he can’t follow study then he need plan, time, discover your study style, review and ask for help because if he can’t do good to study after and after, too. In ask for help, it is something if he doesn’t know or he have curiosity, he asks to teacher, friends or parents. If he can’t hold back of curiosity something, then he should practice of patience.



Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

In Percy Jackson and the lightning thief Percy Jackson is fearful.

On pg.53   Percy Jackson said,” “I can’t go any farther.” and pg.59 “My mother was gone.”

Based on these actions one can infer that on pg.53 “I can’t go any farther.” In here, Percy Jackson was so fearful because Percy Jackson was don’t know where it and no one can help in that situation then he got fear of losing his mom and how to kill Minotaur, but he was using his power then “My legs tensed. I couldn’t jump sideways, so I leaped straight up, kicking off from the creature’s head, using it as a springboard, turning in midair and landing on his neck. How did I do that? I didn’t have time to figure it out,” Percy said. I think He was so surprised that he resolved his fears and used his powers to kill Minotaur.


Based on these actions one can infer that on pg.59 “My mother was gone.” This is fearful to Percy Jackson because “The whole world should be black and cold. Nothing should look beautiful.” he lost mom then I think he knew if he lost his mom, he would feel everything has gone.



Our Stories Make History



Our Stories Make History

Our Stories Make History

This music makes you feel peaceful and relieves stress when strawberries are ground.

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