Technology of humans In the past, early humans could make tools and then they used spears and arrows. The tools were the first technology of human beings. Those technology was used by Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Homo sapiens, Australopithecus to hunt and fight. Technology were very important because it helped humans to hunt animals, fight with other humans and then when they won, they could get some weapons and clothes. This was development of humans. Today, humans have been developed with technology very much. Instead of spears or arrows, they use weapons like gunpowder or nuclear weapons. Today, humans have achieved while they competed and fought with each other living in other countries. But when today’s humans fight, many people die or become sick and competition and development will be doom. In the End, thanks to development of weapons, humans were able to become who they are now. If there were no weapons, humans could be staying in the past when we did hunt and fight each other with bare hands. Therefore, we can say that the development of weapons has influenced humans throughout history.