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Our Stories Make History



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  1. Awesome job, Ewan! Where should I begin? I so glad that you made this awesome project. It was also very good to hear your voice from the journal recording. I could see that there were a lot of emotions going over behind the SWAY project. A connection I would make is that I also wanted to go school and learn, not learning from eLearning. I know eLearning can’t be compared to learning in ISB but there’s COVID-19 stopping us from going school, sadly. One feedback I would give it to you if I had to is that somethings are missing. Collage, timeline, Journals, Recording, survival guide is in the project. But I wonder where are the 6-word memoir and your “Make or Perform Project” is. Next time make sure you check the checklist one last time before you submit the work. Without that, you rocked it!
    Good job, Ewan! I hope we can meet in ISB as soon as possible.

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