We have the same name June

Pinched, Fisheyes, Fisheyes

Shoved in pool, water

Grabbed Fingers, Twisted, pinched me


Character: Two Junes, Junes mom, two teachers

Plot: The author is “Norma Fox Mazer” who made “Tuesday of the Other June.” This book is June who gets bullied by the other June when June meets in swimming class. June and she hated Tuesdays which she called “bad days” because she would get bullied by the other girl named June in her swimming class. June “the bully” would call June “the nice girl” fish eyes buffalo brain and also the mean June would creep to the nice June’s house to torment her.

Concept: A girl named June goes to her swimming class every Tuesday and finds someone with the same name as her.

Conflict: June is being bullied by other June because they are the same name and the other June is her name. This conflict is external because it is a person and a person. For example, “No we don’t. June is my name, and I don’t give you permission to use it. Your name is Fish Eyes.” She pinched me hard. “Got it, Fish Eyes?” This quote is other June bullying June and fight between June and Other June, a person and a person.

Theme: June stood up for herself. The other June will never bother her again. This theme is to defend yourself and prevent bullies from dominating your life.

Explanation of poem: “We have the same name June” is a main problem of this story, the reason why the other June is making fun of me. “Pinched, Fisheyes, Fisheyes, shoved in pool, water, Grabbed Fingers, Twisted, pinched me” is a situation of June bullied by the other June.

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