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LEGO Master Builder Enrichment Design: Amusement Park (Using ISB LEGO)

Link to video on Dragon’s Tube: Link to Dragon’s Tube

LEGO Master Builder Enrichment Design: Car (Using ISB LEGO)



I think that my plan has improved since the last project – LEGO Master Builder Enrichment Design: House (Using LEGO Architecture) – because now it’s WAY more detailed, and unlike the other plan, I am actually proud of this. It’s shows a lot of the key features I wanted to add, and had different points of view so that I could easily copy what I have on paper, into LEGOs.




  1. The flip-open door I made looks ok, and it work very well.
  2. I made a lot of inside things/furniture to decorate the interior of the car.


  1. The flip-open door is a little unstable, because it’s so heavy. If I had some specific Lego I probably would have been able to strengthen  it more so that it won’t break so often.
  2. The colors of the car are a little weird, but because I didn’t have a lot of time to sort the Legos, I wasn’t able to sort them by color. Also my containers were kind of small, so it was hard for me to find what I needed. This caused me to have a mixed color car, and it doesn’t look as good if I could choose the colors I put in it.

LEGO Master Builder Enrichment Design: House (Using LEGO Architecture)


I really disliked my plan, because it wasn’t as detailed as most of the plans I make for other classes. But doing this actually helped me in my “creating the model” part because it wasn’t perscise, so that I had more room to add extra things I wanted, and not need to update the plan every class.


  1. There is a balcony where people who live in the house can observe the outside.
  2. The house contains many different aspects for furniture and other details.
  1. If I had more bricks, then i would finish the roof and add a campfire in the middle of the 4 benches .
  2. I would make a doorway from the balcony to the inside of the house, where I could place a door.

The other little things (back of photo) were some fun “structures”/”objects” I wanted to make while making my house, as sort of a break. These also included JoeBob the Pterodactyl (I had to search that up) in its “natural habitat”.

Argumentative Essay Reflection

  1. I think I had a pretty good article name, as before, all I could think of for informational writings, or any writing in fact, was “Plastic Bans Aren’t Good” or “New Year’s Dinner!” REALLY CREATIVE NAMES...
  2. I think something I could improve on next time is that I should type my viewpoint into Google and see how many results pop up so I can change my viewpoint or main topic before I start to rethink my life choices after I’m halfway through writing my article.
  3. I mostly understand Ms. Rivera’s grades after I looked at them and matched them with my article, so I don’t have any thoughts on them. My grade for myself has some parts to it that probably could have been similar to Ms. Rivera’s if I had spent more time reading and match the article with the options.
  4. One problem I had was that my viewpoint for the topic I used was not one that the school resources and a lot of the other sources agreed with, so I had a hard time trying to find articles that i could pull information from. This is the reason why i had very little evidence in the body paragraphs. I partly overcome this obstacle by rephrasing my question from a direct “plastic ban is bad” to a “is a plastic ban good or bad” so that some articles with those types of titles would pop up. This is also how I came up with my title, asking a question instead of saying it directly.

Product Design “Smell” Prototype


My design photos:

() Means prototype

My main device (The black box thing) can be magnetically (velcro) attached to a phone (cardboard with “Phone” written on). When I click the button on the main device, the vent (5 toothpicks) will suck in the surrounding air, process it, and send a signal through the entana (plastic straw), to the glasses (popsicle stick thing). The speaker on your ear (hooked popsicle sticks) will tell me what the smell is and the lenses will tell me what and where the smell is.

Product Design Lightbox Reflection

In design, we have been working on our own lightbox. We are making a landscape that we miss, or want to go to. For me landscape, I picked Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort in Japan. I picked this place because I like to ski there when I go visit my cousins there, and also because the snow is really beautiful.

Some skills that I learned during this experience is how to use Adobe Illustrator. Before I learned this, I would have asked a teacher to help me make my layers and help me cut it out. But now, I can freely design whatever I want.

One thing I would have changed/added to my lightbox was more black lines, or etches. This would have helped my lightbox pop out more, because the lines between the paint would stand out.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

In the book, “Percy Jackson and Olympians, the Lightning Thief” Percy Jackson makes a choice that maybe would have been better if he hadn’t been so rash and nervous. On chapter 3, page 29, after Grover told Percy to stay with him and go home together, Percy decides to just ditch Grover instead. I don’t think this idea of leaving Grover behind was very good because on page 19, Percy was “eavesdropping” on Grover and Mr. Brunner talking about him and the Kindly Ones. Then on page 24 and 25, Grover was talking about Half-Blood Hill. After that they saw some old witch-like ladies knitting socks, which Grover was really scared of. All of this shows that Grover knows something that Percy does not. Maybe if Percy had stayed with Grover, he could have asked him what Mr. Brunner and him were talking about. This action of ditching Grover had a big effect on Percy and Grover, Grover was kind of hurt by Percy emotionally when he got ditched and Percy kept on thinking about this moment, which bothered him a lot.

In the article, “Recognizing and Managing Emotions”,  on the subtitle, “Positives Actions to Help you Manage Emotions”, there are 11 tips to help with managing emotions. Out of these 11 tips, I think there are three major ones that can help Percy deal with his emotions so that next time, he wouldn’t be so rash. Tip number one by the article is to be open and a what is going on around you.

Humanities Percy Jackson T-Chart Paragraph

In the book, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief” Percy Jackson is a very troubled and confused kid. In the book, page 1 and 2 in chapter 1, Percy says that he has some life problems such as almost blowing up their school bus and making the whole class swim in water. He also says, “Am I (Percy Jackson) a troubled kid? Yeah. You could say that. I could start at any point in my short miserable life to prove it.” This shows that Percy’s life has been not so pleasant, as a lot of these “accidents” has been kind of weird. Later in the story, page 24 in chapter 2, Percy feels confused as why his best friend, Grover, says that he needs to protect Percy. Here is a part of the story where this shows. “He (Grover) nodded. ‘Or if you need me.’ ‘Why would I need you?’ It came out harsher than I meant it to. Grover blushed right down to his Adam’s apple. ‘Look, Percy, the truth is, I-I kind of have to protect you.’ I stared at him.” This shows that Percy is confused on why his friend is protecting him when this whole year, Percy thinks he’s the one that is protect Grover, not the other way around. All of these pieces lead to Percy being troubled and confused about the things that are happening around him.

Desert Habitat

  1. My biggest takeaway from 6th Grade Science is that E-learning Science is hard because I can’t do the experiments myself.
  2. Next year in Science, I would like to work on universe related things, such as the Big Bang and Dark Matter.

Humanities Perform Project Board Game Rulebook

Colonizers Rule Book #Real

This is the rulebook I made to go along with the board game I made for Ultimate Board Games. It’s my first time doing this type of thing, so… it pretty bad.

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