Percy and I



Have you ever felt distracted towards something? Have you ever felt alone, disappointed in yourself? If you ever had these feelings, I think you can relate to Percy Jackson. Percy Jackson is a boy that is diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia. He is very distracted in class, and according to page 2 of the book, “I could start any point in my short miserable life.” It sounds like he is really disappointed in himself and foreshadowed that he lost everything, or at least he thinks he did.


Percy and I

I can relate to Percy as he is my age and sometimes, I feel just as angry as Percy himself. I also feel that I should control my emotions better as a bad day can make me really mad. I think Percy should work on controlling his emotions more as his emotions can overtake him and make him do things without thinking about the consequence. For example, on page 17, he says, “I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class.” Heree, as he says he gets into more fights, it sounds like he is very casual about it. I think that when he fights her, he doesn’t think about the consequences of him fighting with Nancy. On page 2, Percy says, “I hoped for once I wouldn’t get in trouble.” When I was going to school in Canada, I was usually distracted during class. A few years later I knew it was a language problem, but I was getting better at English. But I keep getting in trouble for joking around and fooling around. Once I told myself the same thing Percy said.


Possible Solution

The possible solution for Percy can be in a lot of ways. Of course, doctors would recommend him to go to therapy, but I don’t think that will work for him. Because in therapy you will need to tell the therapist what happened and about yourself so that way, he or she can help you. But I don’t think Percy will tell the therapist r everything as he didn’t even tell his best friend about why he agreed to go to a quest until he was convinced. I think Percy instead telling a therapist he should tell someone that he trusts, in this case, his mother. But after his mother “died” I think his condition would worsen as the only person he trusts “dies”.



So, I think the young me was really alike to Percy Jackson. Of course, the young me would also like to go on a quest too.



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