For my first Product Design unit, we were supposed to make a lightbox on a place we miss the most because of COVID-19. I did the Niagara Falls in Toronto, Canada. The last time I visited there, I was around 5 years old. I do remember the snow, so I would really want to go back there to remind myself what Toronto was like.

I learned a lot during this unit, such as painting and inserting LED lights and masking tape, like what it is for and how to use it. I used masking tape for my white clouds so paint wouldn’t get on there. Also, another thing I learned was using Adobe Illustrator and how to create new shapes using organic shapes.

There many things I can change about my Niagara Falls lightbox. First, I think I should find a way to make the waterfalls look active, or evidence that it is water, because from the feedback of my peers they say that the waterfall just look like mountains. Next, I think I should make the spiky rocks longer to fit my lightbox because it looks a little bit small. Finally, I think I should paint the insides of my lightbox. That way it would look more “blueish” and may look better.

Not only there are things I can fix next time, but there are also things I did well. For example, I put my biggest waterfall on a rounded square. This makes it look more stable and realistic. Also, I think I did a good job painting my clouds. They really look like they are floating in the sky like fluffy marshmallows.

In overall, I think my lightbox is a great success, because it does remind me of Toronto.

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