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Humanities Argumentative Essay Reflection

This is an reflection for the argumentative essay I wrote for Humanities.

Two things I did well:

• I feel like my arguments were logical and well-structured.

• I feel like I used the right arguments and evidence for the purpose of persuading others.

Two things I can improve on:

• I feel like I can improve on the introduction because they weren’t as detailed

• I think my conclusion were too short and weren’t very thought-inducing


I feel like this essay was a nice essay. Perhaps a bit rushed, but still good. Some evidence were not cited because they were never planned to be part of the essay, or I just forgot to add the citations to my planning document. Some places were a bit too short, others too long. Some places were hard to understand. Some places were too concise and didn’t contain enough emotions. But still good, because my arguments were good and persuasive, and it sounded good.

Master Lego Builders: Car With a Purpose

This is my final result for this lego project. It’s a racer and I built it out of lego technic pieces.


How do you feel about your final product?

I feel that this project is nice (partially because I made it, I guess).

What would you change if you had more time?

I would probably focus more on the details if I had more time, because I did not have a lot of details.

Are you proud of what you made?

Yes I am. I spent a lot of time trying to get the shape of the vehicle right. In fact, the back part alone part took an entire lesson! The result was worth it though.


Here’s a picture of the racer (I made a mini-person. They’re on the seat right now):

Another picture (the seatbelt is unstrapped and the person is besides the vehicle):

Creature & Habitat Lego Challenge | Master Lego Builders Enrichment

This is my creature (I didn’t have time to build the habitat). It’s a robot.


Some strengths of this creature are:

• Wheels can make the creature move fast

• Can receive signals (See the antennae on the head?)

Two things I would improve next time:

• I would probably add more details. Right now the creature is just a box with wheels and a head.

• I would ma a habitat. It might another planet, or maybe a factory.

Drama Around ISB Drama Project

Here’s my Drama Project video.
Click this to go to the DragonTube video



It would be nice if we could do something fun, such as going outside, playing card or mafia, etc


I still think that surveys would be nice, because they can improve many things.


I think that it would be great if we were able to stay on task for longer periods of times, and I think I can try to participate more.

Percy Jackson Summative Writing Assessment

What does it feel like to have ADHD? Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief have ADHD, and his choices are influenced heavily by it. Some ways he is influenced by ADHD are his study habits and self-control, but those areas can be improved.

Percy’s study habits are impacted by his ADHD, although it can be improved if his interests are mentioned. On page 2 of the book, Percy described Mr. Brunner as “the only teacher whose class didn’t put him to sleep”. According to Neurodiversity: A Different View of ADHD, one of the symptoms of ADHD is not listening most of the time. This proves that one of the reasons he doesn’t do well in school is his ADHD. Another piece of evidence is on page 17 of the book, when his grades slipped “from Ds to Fs”. Again, the author of the article wrote that “Getting easily distracted… Are also symptoms”. Getting easily distracted might be a reason why his grades fell. Both reasons of his inefficiency to studying is caused by a lack of focus. Therefore, a solution to his ADHD would be to give him something to focus on. According to Neurodiversity, people with ADHD can be very focused when something interests them, so a solution could be to mention something he is interested in, such as Greek mythology. That way, he could be focused in school and learn supported and better.

Another way Percy is influenced by ADHD is when he tries to control himself. Self-control shouldn’t be a problem, however, if he thinks before he acts. One example of him not thinking before he acts is on page 5, in the museum tour, where he tells Nancy Bobofit to shut up. According to Neurodiversity, blurting out is a symptom of ADHD, which means that ADHD is one reason he told Nancy to shut up. Another example of when ADHD controls Percy is when he snapped and called Mr. Nicoll, his English teacher, an old sot. He was annoyed, frustrated, and therefore did not think before he talked. This led to him being expelled from Yancy Academy. One way with which Percy could better control himself is to think before he acts, and not let his ADHD and temper control him.

In conclusion, Percy Jackson’s ADHD influences his study habits and choice-making. However, both problems can be solved by giving his something to focus on and if he thinks before he acts.

Habitats Mini Project ThingLink

For the Ecosystems unit in Science, we were asked to make a ThingLink project which contains what we learned during the unit.

This is my ThingLink project:

My biggest takeaway from Grade 6 science is probably the heat unit.
I would like to go deeper on physics next year.

Humanities Final Project ThingLink

This is my Humanities Final Project ThingLink:

In this project, we were supposed to compile all the previous assignments of this unit into one. Some assignments include the six-word memoir, the emotional timeline, the daily journal and the performance piece. This is my reflection:
How would you summarize this unit and the project you made?
• I think that this unit is fun, but confusing and sometimes tiring. For my final project, I would say that I am pretty happy with my final project. I organized it well.
Explain how you organized your project and why.
• I organized my project chronologically. That is because I feel like a chronologic project can outline how things are changing, which is one of the major things I want to outline, and since there is a lot of change in the past few months, the final project will be more saturated.
How might this primary source be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future? What might they learn about/from your experience?
• I think that in the future, the people watching the final project might learn about the “flow”, or how the coronavirus situation changes. That would be because I organized my final project in chronological order (see above).
What do you think went well for you in this unit? (What are you most proud of?)
• I think that the final project went really well: My schedule is great and it wasn’t too hard for me.
What did you find challenging within this unit?
• I found the researching to be a hard part. I always consider too much, which made finding a article I wanted take a lot of time.

My Humanities Performance Piece

This is my Humanities Performance Piece. In this assignment, we are supposed to make something that expresses emotions and experiences during the coronavirus.

Scratch Performance Piece Instructions

If you want to use the other way to use the project, you can go to, sign in to the account ISBProjects (username and password given below) and use this link.

Username and Password:

Username: ISBProjects (With correct capitalization)
Password: ISBCoronavirus (With correct capitalization)

Dear Abby Letter with The Lost Hero

Dear Abby with The Lost Hero

Dear Abby,

My name is Jason, and I just got to this place called Camp Half-blood. The day was crazy: winged horses, storm spirits and Coach Hedge being half goat is just part of it. Something doesn’t feel right about Camp Half-blood: I feel like I don’t belong. They say that I do but there’s this part of me that tells me that I shouldn’t be here. Why, I don’t know. And that’s the problem. Today, I woke up on the school bus with no memories of who I am, who my friends are, and how I got on this school bus. So I don’t have any memories of anything. Why do you think I might feel that I don’t belong at Camp? What should I do to get my memories back?

Forgotten Everything

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