"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Design prototype blog post

This is my prototype of how to be able to smell what you are smelling.  There are a string and a detector to put inside your nose so the machine is connected to your body and what you are smelling. You can double-tap anywhere to start this machine, and if you want it to detect what you are smelling, you can simply say, “Hey Siri,” because there is also a speaker system inside. After asking what you are smelling, the machine starts to detect and at the end conclude what you are smelling on the “invisible” screen that you only can see. It shows where the food is (JPS and radar), and what the food looks like.

Overall I feel like this prototype was really successful and I really loved how the final look turned out. I feel like I used a lot of imagination towards it and used many materials that I have never used before.

Product design reflection post

For my first product design unit, I was introduced to make an LED lightbox. The topic of my lightbox is Grand Canyon since I’ve been to this place many times when I was small. Also, it is because it is located in the U.S and I really miss that place since I will at least visit there two times a year.  But because of the COVID-19 outbreak, I wasn’t able to go. I really missed my friends and my home.

I learned a lot during this unit of making this lightbox. From first doing the exterior of the lightbox to coloring and placing pieces on. I learned about how to use Adobe Illustrator, like how to make a well-measured rectangle in adobe, how to group and ungroup your project.

Something that I felt challenging was when we were learning about how to put icons onto our project on adobe, I did not really understand that since my computer literacy is not very good. But after about two classes trying it out by myself, I figured it out 🙂 Also when I was painting, I was thinking about a 3D-like drawing but it didn’t turn out the way I wanted so I have to redo that piece again.

Something that I am proud of is when I drew the clouds on to my first layer, it came out really good and it really matches the sunset light.

Something that I would definitely change next time is the LED light at the back. I feel like it is a little too dark in the box and when you look at it from a distance, it’s a bit dark and blurry. So if I would make this over again I should make it a tiny bit lighter so people can see from a distance and gives better lighting.

Overall, I feel like this is a really successful project and unit. I really enjoyed this process of learning and creating our LED lightbox.

Percy Jackson informative assignment

In Percy Jackson, the lightning thief, page 1-45, ADHD makes Percy’s school life difficult by dealing with grades. He also shows ADHD signs by not controlling his anger towards classmates and teachers. But however, it can be fixed by behavioral therapy and medicine sometimes. 

Percy has ADHD Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorderone of the ADHD symptoms is he blurting out things in class. This makes him difficult to control his emotions when people make him upset/disappointedPercy blurts out things that he didn’t really mean to say. In the book, Percy was really focused when Mr. Brunner was having a lesson during the field trip about Greek mythology. But Nancy Bobofit was talking to her friends while Percy was really into the lesson and trying to listen. He just wants her to stop talking but it came out harsher than he meant to, “Will you shut up? It came out louder that I meant.” (Pg.5) This clearly shows that even though Percy does not want to be so mean to her, but people with ADHD cannot control their emotions very well when Percy said, “it came out louder that I meant.” Also, when Percy was studying inside his dorm room, he did not control his anger very well, “One evening before my final, I got so frustrated that I threw the Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology across my dorm room.” (Pg.18) These quotes match exactly like a definition quote about ADHD in a Newsela article, “Hyperactivity means being overly active. These symptoms include fidgeting, difficulty playing quietly or waiting for a turn and blurting out the answers in class.” (Pg.1, paragraph 4). This tells us that because of ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), it has impacted Percy’s school life a lot, not just with teachers, but also with classmates.  

Because Percy has ADHD, this makes him find it difficult to have a positive attitude towards school. Percy often gets distracted by other things in school and does not get good grades like A, B, and even C. ADHD signs also shows the student’s grade is slipping, and not catching up. Percy’s grades slipped from Ds to Fs in the book, “I started feeling cranky and irritable most of the time. My grades slipped from Ds to Fs. I got into more fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class.” (Pg.17) Percy really want to be a good kid and not get into trouble, but he just can’t control himself, “I hoped that one day I wouldn’t get in trouble.” (Pg.2) “What was great about me? A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with D+ report card, kicked out of school for sixth time in six years.” (Pg.38) As well as in the article, it states, “The symptoms include often losing items, not paying attention to details or making careless mistakes in school and not listening most of the time.  Getting easily distracted and avoiding activities that requires focus are also symptoms.” (Pg.1, paragraph 3). despite the fact that Percy gets distracted by other things, or does not have a good grade, he still wants to get good grades, and focus on class. But because he has ADHD, it is harder for him to focus and control himself. 

Even though ADHD makes things difficult for Percy in school, it can still be improved by behavioral therapy, which might help him to have better communication with teachers and friends by changing his attitude towards them, which is his behaviorAccording to the Newsela article, one of the paragraphs stated, “Another treatment is behavioral therapy. In the kind of therapy, children and teens practice new ways to react when they feel distracted or fidgety.” (pg. 2 in the article.) This may help Percy improve his behavior in school since he gets distracted easily, and often fidgets in class. Also, ADHD can sometimes be treated with medicine. It helps the child/teen to improve their behavior towards school. In the Newsela article, it says, “ADHD is sometimes treated with medicine. Certain medications adjust the amount s of different chemicals in the brain. This can help improve focus and behavior.” (Pg.2 in the article). This could help Percy’s actions in school like fidgeting, getting angry easily by classmates/teachers, “‘No, no,’ Mr. Brunner said. ‘Oh, confound it all. What I’m trying to say… you’re not normal, Percy. That’s nothing to be— ‘Thanks,’ I blurted. ‘Thanks a lot, sir, for reminding me.’ ‘Percy—’ But I was already gone.” (Pg.22) This shows that he gets angry very quickly, and really “disrespects” his teachers, and that might be the reason why he gets into fights with Nancy Bobofit and her friends. 

From all the above, ADHD impacts Percy’s life in school, and Percy cannot control his emotions. But although that Percy fidgets in class, blurts out things that are harsh, gets easily distracted. These types of actions can be fixed and improved by behavioral therapy and medicine.  


Science habitat mini project (thinglink)

Here is my science thinglink habitat project that I had been working on. I couldn’t open up thinglink so here are all of the pieces that I’ve done during this mini-project.

This unit and mini-project was really fun because I got to learn about many amazing things like the producer, consumer, primary consumer, secondary consumer, etc.  I learned many different animals in a mountain habitat, like Amur leopards, monarch butterfly, and tree kangaroo.

I am actually very proud of my food web because it was quite hard to begin, but I got through it and it went pretty well.

I found researching all the species are quite hard and exhausting to me.

My biggest takeaway from science is how to write a good CER writing. But I think everything that I learned is the biggest takeaway 🙂

Next year, I would really like to learn more about astrology. (I don’t know if astrology is a kind of science or not but if it is not in the science category, then I would really like to learn about Earth science.)


Science mini project

Habitat Mini Project

HabitatMiniProject Van diagram

Our story makes history project



Here is my “our story makes history” project. I really enjoyed making it, and it was very easy and fun. I think the purpose of this project is that after this outbreak when we flip back to this, we can picture ourselves back into this situation, and that makes history. Now the COVID 19 is better than before, and I hope to go back to school very soon and meet with my teachers and friends.

Dear abby letter

Dear Abby,

I survived a series of trials and tests by WICKED, an organization trying to find a cure for the deadly disease, the Flare, that has infected the planet. I am kept in a padded cell by myself for a long time, but is then released and sees my friends, the Gladers. Our group is given the option of having their memories restored by a man named Janson, the Rat Man who introduced us to our trials in the Scorch. Most of them are interested in the procedure, but I, Minho and Newt are against it. We also learned that most of us are immune to the Flare, but Newt is not. WICKED forces the three of us to have our memories restored, but before that can happen, I lead an escape from the facility with Brenda and Jorge. We also discovered that Teresa is leading an escape at the same time with the rest of the Gladers.

Our destination is Denver, a city that is secure and has protected its Citizens by quarantining the infected from the non-infected. Our group arrives in Denver and uses fake names to get into the city. We are given a note that instructs us to meet with Gally, my rival from the maze who killed Chuck, my best friend. Gally tells us that there is a resistance against WICKED called the Right Arm and that they are slowly trying to stop WICKED from future experiments. I agreed to help them, but when our group returns to their ship, we discovered that Newt is gone. We search for Newt at a Crank Palace, a place where those infected with the disease congregate. We found Newt at a bowling alley; however, he is starting to show signs of the Flare and tells us to leave. We return to Denver to find that things have gotten out of control. More and more of the Immunes, those who are immune from the Flare, are disappearing and the Cranks are getting out of hand. I met with the leader of the Right arm, Vince and it is discovered that WICKED is gathering up Immunes to run more trials for research purposes. Me and Vince came up with a plan to destroy WICKED from the inside. As our group is traveling, we encounter Newt. Newt tells me that he wants to die and wants me to shoot him. I returned to WICKED headquarters alone and learned that they want to dissect my brain for the cure for the Flare. Just as we are starting the operation, the Right Arm attacks the headquarters. While the Right Arm is fighting the WICKED guards, me and a small group head back to the Maze to save the Immune population with the help of Chancellor Paige, the leader of WICKED. We organized hundreds of people and try to escape. The maze begins to deteriorate due to explosions by the Right Arm. Several people died, but a lot of them escape as they try to find a Flat Trans, a portal that will take us somewhere safe. Me and my group are confronted by Janson and some guards, but me and my group overcame them. However, Teresa died.

In the end, the survivors escaped through a portal, we arrived at a quiet in the countryside and must rebuild the human race again.

Best regards, Thomas and his friends.

Early Humans and Us Project

My Teach Reflection

My Teach Experience

Working with second graders, first graders, and fourth graders are all very enjoyable, but my favorite time of all was working with the first graders. They are so adorable and cute, also, they are super easy to teach and are very hard-working students.  One of my hardest time was making the math problems for the fourth graders. We need to think of so many different math problems to be able to play the math game. I would definitely work with young kids in the future, because I enjoyed it, and I had fun. I think next time we can work with different people, to get to know each other better. So you won’t work with the same person every time.

The coffee mug challenge

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Working with kids——Teach!

Working with fourth graders are so fun! At first, me and my partner got to play a get-to-know-you game that we created!  And then at the second class that we spend time each other, we read books to each other. I really enjoyed it. The fourth graders are very good listeners, they show respect, I really like them. I wish that we can have a great time in the rest of this quarter. I’ve really had fun at these previous classes. I want to continue!

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