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Smell Detector Prototype Reflection

My prototype is a portable smell detector. As you can see from the first photo, the bottom blue part is the on/off button. To press that to start the detector. The circle with lines across on the top shows the detector, which is where the smell goes in as the detector analyzes the smell. After analyzing the smell, it will show on the screen across the detector, made out of cardboard as you can see on the photo. The small button next to the detecting spot is the activating button, where you press that button to make the smell go in the detector. From the second photo, you can see that there is a clip on the back, to clip on wherever you would want to. A string is also available if you want to hang it over your head, so you can do it both ways.

Lightbox Reflection

Over our entire design process of creating our lightbox, I managed to learn a lot of techniques, both with Adobe Illustrator and on hand. In this unit, we worked on designing a lightbox of a place that we miss, designing and assembling it ourselves. The place I chose to focus on designing was a lake in Fremont, California called Lake Elizabeth. My cousins live there, and we visit them every summer and usually hang out at the lake.

Overall, I think my lightbox was a success since while I was designing my layers, everything went through pretty smooth, and after it got cut out, the layers fit perfectly like I wanted them to. Designing my lightbox required many skills, mostly having to do on Adobe Illustrator. Skills include creating a rectangle that fits right in the inside of the box, different shapes, getting icons, and transferring them to your design. Also, a really important part of our lightbox was actually to fit the LED lights into a place that we wanted it to show, then gluing the control button on the back of the box. How the LED is shown in the box matters a lot, since placing the light in different places have different effects on the layers.

One of the challenges I had was to figure out where to put the tree in my lightbox, since originally in my plan my tree was not supposed to be the way it is now. I first tried gluing it on the grassland, but the effect did not turn out great, so I then tried sticking it on the inside of the outside frame. At last, I came up with the design that I have now, which was sticking the tree on the edge of the frame so it is shown in front of all the layers. Throughout this process, I got to develop and learn many skills, and I look forward to working on more things in the following quarter.



How does Percy’s ADHD and Positive Relationships Affect him and How can it be Improved?

Percy Jackson in the book <Percy Jackson and the Olympians – The Lightning Thief>himself and his choices and actions are impacted through many aspects. ADHD affecting him is shown through his actions, choices, actions, etc. Positive relationships affect him when Percy shows unstable emotions. But despite being impacted in many ways, and this can be improved by helping him to be in environments that he is comfortable in, while also guiding him to do things that will make him feel better and help strengthen his choices and actions.


From the book, Percy’s behavior and choices are impacted by the fact that he has ADHD through his actions and academic grades. This can also be improved by doing things according to his interests, while maybe putting him in an environment that will benefit him. On pg2, Percy introduced in the book: “I sort of hit the wrong lever on the catwalk and our class took an unexpected swim.” This shows that he gets bored on the field trip, starting to fidget with things, accidentally hitting the lever. Linking back to the Newsela article, it shows that a symptom of ADHD can be fidgeting. A quote from the article, “Hyperactivity means being overly active. These symptoms include fidgeting.” shows that ADHD causes people to fidget, proving that Percy’s actions are affected by ADHD. If he didn’t have ADHD, he probably wouldn’t get bored and fidget, and he maybe would avoid hitting the lever after all. Another example is when Percy says: “My grades slipped from Ds to Fs.”. This proves that with the effect of getting easily distracted in class and hard to focus, decreasing his interest in learning, while also being hard for him to take in information like others. This also causes his grades to slip down like said in the quote on pg17. From the Newsela article, it says that “For some students, it is a challenge for them to pay attention in school.”, connecting to Percy having the challenge in learning too, causing grades not as good as others. Reconnecting to how Percy’s behavior could be improved, a quote from the article, “They might be very focused when something interests them”. This shows why Percy dislikes most of his classes, while on the other hand likes Mr. Brunner’s Greek Mythology classes in particular. Maybe letting Percy to focus on Mr. Brunner’s classes will help increase his interest in school classes. “People with ADHD also do their best in stimulating environments. They like to be outdoors and move their bodies.” is another quote from the article, showing that maybe setting Percy in an environment like outdoor or someplace he likes will better suit him and help him as a learner. It may also benefit Percy more on his grades and behavior in an environment he is comfortable in. Percy’s behavior could benefit him maybe putting him in an environment that he is comfortable in, and maybe work on subjects that he’s interested in, though his grades and actions are being affected by ADHD.


Not only ADHD might affect Percy, but his positive relationships may also be a major part of it, while also benefiting him. Many parts of the book contribute to this, including a quote from page 32-33 “My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room.” This shows that maybe Percy may be in a bad mood, but his mom walking into the room can comfort him and calm his feelings a lot more, which emotionally can be a cause of his actions and choices affecting his community. Connecting to a quote from the Newsela article: “Even small gestures can make a difference.” Proving that Percy’s mom’s small gesture, walking into the room, makes a big difference inside Percy, making him feel much better. Continuing on that thought, another quote from the book on page 17 “I was homesick. I wanted to be with mom in our little apartment on the upper east side.” explains why maybe sometimes Percy feels a little “down”, linking to another quote from the Newsela article “Also, feelings of sadness and disappointment may arise if dear friends live far away.” This shows that because Percy’s mom lives far from his camp/school, he feels sad and wanted to be home. Though his mom is not a friend of him but rather a family member, she is still one of Percy’s closest positive relationships, which relates back to the quote saying how you may feel sad when dear friends live away. Percy struggles in various aspects of the way he acts impacted by his positive relationships, and there are also many ways it can benefit him. A quote from the Newsela article “Tell your friend how much they’re missed, or, if a certain holiday song or movie reminds you of them, mention that too.” This can help Percy by having him to send a letter to mom, telling her that he misses her, which might make Percy feel better. It may not only make Percy feel better and make better choices but may also help his mom in certain ways. A person’s emotions and feelings that particular moment affects a lot on the way he/she acts, the same with Percy. Additionally, he can be improved on his choices and actions by guiding him to work towards things that will benefit Percy himself more rather than care about others.


From all of the above, it can be told that Percy gets impacted by his ADHD through his actions and academic grades. This can be improved by providing Percy a learning space/class that he has an interest in. Another cause is because of the positive relationships around him, showed by his unstable emotions. This can be improved by advising him to feel to do things that will help him feel more comfortable.


Habitat Project

My Habitat: Ocean




  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science

I learned a lot about how our world environment is, and many things ways to help solve worldwide problems, and learning about the things around us helps me get to know better about our life.

  1. What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I would like to keep working on projects like this that help the world and showing them to others like this one.

Our Stories Make History Project

This unit, while continuing with E-learning and staying at home, we really focused on making and creating projects to form a ‘Our stories make history’ project, first doing multiple projects and then putting them all together into this final project. I really got to know a lot about what was going on around the world, and also created many sources and stories about my life during this challenging time. I chose to use sway as my final projects, and thought it was a really ‘fancy’ way of putting all the info together. After hundreds of years, this very paragraph or project can be found to be a very significant piece of data exploring life during COVID-19.

Make or Perform Project

I got the idea of this drawing I made on my iPad by the experiences I had in my house. I feel like the water inside the cup, wanting to go outside of my house (the cup), but I can only stay on the small island. The water is flowing out, trying to escape through, but outside the red bubbles are the virus, and I have to stay inside.


Early Humans and Us Thinglink Project – Technology

Here is my Early Humans and us Thinglink project about how technology has influenced humans throughout history.

Snowball Insulator

This project’s goal is to make a cup insulator that will reduce the amount of heat loss for a cup with hot water. How our insulator works is by pouring hot water onto your cup, then putting the insulator over the cup and buckling it. whenever you want to drink water, you will have to take the insulator off by unbuckling it and just taking it off. Our original design was not meant to be a buckle since we were wanting it to be an easy take-off-and-on design. But that did not work out for us since the opening for the handle was very loose and would let our heat if we left it like that. I’m really proud that our insulator worked out pretty well, and turned out to meet our expectations, even though we maybe could’ve done better. Our design was a success for us mostly other than that the buckle was broken because the heat of the cup melted it.  One thing I might want to do differently next time is that maybe make an opening at the top shaped like a mouth with a tiny cap so drinking can be more efficient.  The hardest thing about this project was to decide what materials are insulators and what materials are conductors. I was hard figuring out and it’s important to know what materials to use because if the wrong material is used, it might affect our results. If we had another chance to rebuild/redesign, would definitely change some things to improve our design.

Cardboard Arcade Reflection

This is the cardboard arcade game our group made, called Plinko. This game works by the player dropping the marbles down the tubes on the top and whichever box it lands in you’ll get that many points. Each box has a label on it that prints the points. You can also get points by the marble landing and staying on a platform that you can’t really see in the photo but has a point number labeled on it.

Our biggest success was that our came turned out to be working very well, and the holes led to different point boxes so it wasn’t boring for the player if every tube led to the same box. We also had the obstacles turning out very well with the blue strips stuck on it. I think we did a pretty good job and our clients liked our game.

Our biggest obstacle was, at first, to get the game into a good angle so it could stand itself without falling. As you can see on the third picture, we have a triangle stand at the bottom which worked out really well. We first tried out a cardboard strip on the back, but it wouldn’t stay and was not stable. In the end, we came up with this design.

Overall, I think this project was successful because it turned out really well, and was different from others’ games. Each tube led to multiple wholes, which made it not so boring for the player. Our project actually turned out to be working really well.




Grace’s “I Am From” poem

This is Grace’s “I am from” poem. Enjoy!

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