"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Early Humans and Us

For the Early Humans and Us project, my research question was “How has social status impacted us throughout time and why is it important?”. The project was about choosing a topic in either diet, community, or technology. Our main purpose of the project is to connect our topic nowadays with early humans. For me, I learned that many things in life are based on your class status and a world without class statuses will be boring and bland.

Holiday rainbow ball toss By: Grace Huang

  • This is me and my partner’s cardboard arcade, it is a ball toss where you stand two feet away and try to score in the holes(the holes have different points) to score points, and if the ball gets into the “rainbow cups” you get an extra one point.
  • My(our?) biggest success was the visual of our ball toss, it was well decorated and very colorful, many of my classmates complimented on it, even though the 4th gardens did not care about the looks of our ball toss at all.
  • Skills that I developed were cutting cardboard, at first, I always made inaccurate cuts that went diagonal, but then over time as I got advice from teachers and practiced cutting cardboards more I got better at it, and I even mastered cutting circles.
  • One thing I’d like to change is to make our game have more obstacles and become more attractive to the 4th graders. We thought that the fourth graders just cared about the looks of the cardboard arcade, we were wrong. I realized that the 4th graders liked to compete against each other so I would make the game more of a vs game if I could.
  • A suggestion I would give to future 6th graders also making the cardboard arcades is that the 4th graders really do not care about the looks of your cardboard arcade, they just want to have fun, which includes competing against their classmates.

Furry Elmo

  • I am proud of our group working well together and coordinating with each other, we did not have any major issues throughout the design process. I am also proud of the aesthetics of the insulator.
  • I would work more on scientifically making my insulator more successful rather than just putting blankets and yarn on it because it looks good and the texture is nice.
  • I learned much more about designing and engineering in a group, basically working together to engineer and design.

Metaphor Map

Listening to music is a plain, relaxing, but always feeling the same I get nothing out of it apart form being relaxed.

Math is a mountain to me, sometimes my scores go up and sometimes they go down.

Science is a valley to me, very challenging to pass through, but not as upside and downside as math.

My thoughts are rivers, always flowing around endlessly.

Sleeping is an oasis to me, I regain my strength and feel super cozy in a long tiring day!

Books are islands, each one is unique and has it’s own joy. And each one is worth to read(visit as referring to islands).

Each lake is one of my fears. Each one is different, containing different thoughts. Yet, all are scary and creeps me out.

My family and friends are a volcano, beautiful and lovely, when they’re nice and not mad at me. But when they get angry and explode, it’s a disaster.

Running is a forest. I trip and fall, and when I’m in luck medals are a beautiful scenery.

Education, every part of it in general, is a ocean. Huge and vast, everywhere flowing around.

Home is a coast for me, finally coming back from the wide ocean(education).

BLOG POST: Water Filter Design Challenge

Why is engineering important?

Engineering is important because if we don’t engineer our plans and what we are doing nothing would work and it would be really messy.


What was your challenge?

Our challenge was filtering and cleaning the water at the same time(we used sands and rocks to filter the water but they all went in the water which made it dirty).


Why did you choose that design?

I chose this design because it filters, removes dirty things, and cleans the water. Also it’s really simple, you just pour the water through and wait for it to come out. It’s a really easy process.

How does it work?

Basically, you just pour the water through the top of it and it run throughs all the stages and come out. There is also a few wooden sticks supporting it when the water flows in the beaker.

Was your design successful?

It was ok, it filtered the water but it didn’t really clean it well.

How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)

I would have put more cotton(clean ones) and take out some of the sand.


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?

It was ok, we didn’t take out all the sand so the water was still kind of dirty.


I am from Dumplings and thousands of Lego pieces

For this Where I’m From Poem I first made lists of what food, memories, and objects were important to me then combined some of them together and made them into stanzas. Instead of the conservative way of saying Where I’m From like my nationalities and stuff this poem includes the memories, fooods, and objects that I really cherish which is sort of abstract(there are many poeists that also wrote this kind of poem). Then I drafted several stanzas, most of them containing 1 food, object, and memory. Then, I revised and picked the stanzas I liked the most and published this poem which also includes the ending that I created. This whole process took about 2 weeks or so.

HUM-Huang-Grace-WHere I’m From Poem

How Do I Feel About Middle School?

Middle School is so far so good, I am enjoying the classes much more than Elementary School. Also, the cafeteria food is really delicate, especially the sandwich.

Source: WikiHow

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