Study habits and self confidence

Can you ever imagine having bad grades no matter how hard you try and lack confidence because of that? Well, this is the problem Percy has in the book Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Percy has ADHD, also called attention deficit disorder. Because of this, it is very difficult to have good studying habits, compounded by the fact that he lacks confidence that he can succeed. “What is so great about me? A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card, kicked out of school for the sixth time is six years.” Percy lacks confidence because he never has got good grades and he doesn’t expect himself to have good grades. He thinks that he is a troubled kid and never can control his own emotions even though if he tried. His mind would automatically do things that he doesn’t want to do for him when he is mad or sad. He thinks about the negative side first for everything and never try or expect good things to happen to himself.

Even though it seems impossible for Percy to focus on studying and gain more confidence, it is important that he keep on trying and never give up, according to “Top 10 Studying Tips.”

Even though it seems impossible to focus on studying and gain more confidence or have a good study habit, there are really easy tips and tricks that can help Percy out and save a lot of work for him. The article “How to Focus on Studying”, it stated some things that can help Percy out such as: choosing the right place and time and try harder on everything and never give up when something failed.

Percy needs to try harder and stop thinking that he cannot do what he wants to do. He needs to have more of a positive attitude toward what he needs, wants, and have. Even though it is hard, there are still tips and tricks that can be used to help but overall, the most important one is he needs to believe in himself more than he does now.  If Percy trust in himself a bit more and try a little harder, then everything will be much better. If he spends more time studying and not thinking about the con side of everything, he will succeed in having better grades and study habits, and also, he will gain more confidence than he has now.

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Attention by Grace


The book “Attention” is about a boy named “James” try to make this girl “Chole” like him but there are some problems, Chole likes another guy name “Kale. I chose to write this book because of my parents. They are watching a TV series and since I did not know what to write about, I just took some ideas off of the TV show. I made my traffic novel into a little ‘booklet’ I made.

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My Thinglink

What is your biggest take away from 6th-grade science?
I think I learned a lot but I think things are taken away the most is how energy works and how each habitat work and goes.
If you were to write your own comment on the report card, what would you say? How confident do you feel in making models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations?
If I had to write my own comment, I would say Grace did work hard but not hard enough. I would hope that’s 7th grade that she works harder so she can learn more things out of Science. I feel like I can make models in science, analyzing data, and constructing scientific explanations but I would need some outside help and not do it all myself.
What would you like to work on for next year in science?
I don’t really know but anything that can catch my attention and things that are really useful to me I guess.

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All About Greg!

What book did you read and how did you like it?
I read Diary of the Wimpy Kidand I liked it very much. There were some problems I found about reading this book and one of them is that this book doesn’t have chapters so that was something that made me and Eve think about for a long time. Also, since this book is in series, the book ends in a loose end and there are some questions not answered and you have to read the next book in the series.

Explain how your project shows your thinking-
This project shows my thinking by having some notes about things that are interesting, important, and some questions I have. I write one for each day and all the thinking that has been done. Some of the questions have been answered and some have not.

How did this project level-up your thinking or stretch you as a reader?
This book stretched my thinking by having me think bout the character deep inside and understand his feeling. Since I am reading a book that is categorized as a Diary, I have to understand that the character is thinking and what he/she is trying to say to the reader. So I had to fully understand Greg and his feelings to have good notes and things like that.

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Food, sleep every day… a pig!

My Reflection:

Overall I think that the project went really well and the journaling part of the project made me like journaling s I usually journal about 4 times each week. This project also teched me how to see if an article is trustworthy or not which is something very useful in common life.

There was a word document of what we needed on a DX post and I went on with that and made sure I had everything I needed. I did put them in order and I had everything I needed on here.

In the future, if there are historians and they might have not experimented with this coronavirus, they can know some facts and how it feels like to have this coronavirus. They can know some things about coronavirus just in case they have it too. Future 6th graders can know some things about how to make the project and what they need to do. Also, they can learn some things about coronavirus too just in case something happens.

There are a few things that went well in this unit. First, I learned how to journal and liked journaling. Seconds of all, I learned how to see if an article is true or not and if it is trustworthy or not.bThird of all, I found out how to use Sway which I am new to and know how to process it.

I found out that even though I like writing journals now, it was actually really hard to catch up on the work in the first few days. Also, in the beginning of learning how to see it an article is true and trustworthy, well, I had some troubles with them and could not understand it in the first few classes but that was all.

This is the Sway I made on the project: Our Stories Make History

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My Proposal on Making Boba Tea!

This is my video of my proposal. I did mt proposal on making Boba Tea. I am sorry if this video is more like I am teaching but I am not, I’m just reading what the other person posted as my script, I am really just talking to myself.

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Early Humans and Us Project- Technology

This is my project of how tools have changed throughout history.

My Reflection:
Getting information and learning about early humans went really well and smooth but finding pictures of different pictures of tools did not end well because there were not many pictures of what I really want. If I can go back to day 1 to do this again, I would do more work and listen to the teacher more clearly because there were some steps I missed out because I was talking or doing something else. I would also not just push this project back and bac and do it at the last moment before I should hand in the work.

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Homo Sapiens

The science name of my hominin is Homo Sapiens. The nickname of my hominin is Wise Man. They live about 200000 years ago and they usually live in Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia. One of the capabilities of the homo sapiens is they have shelter to live in. it is important for them because it can hide them from dangerous animals and keep them from bad weather. Another capability of the homo sapiens is that they have good quality tools for catching animals and defending themselves from dangerous animals.

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The covered Land

Japanese is a mountain because I will always get lost and stuck.

Food is a vally for me because it is always with me and always very long.

Homework is like a river because it is long and endless.

My feelings are like a volcano because my feelings sometimes are very calm and sometimes suddenly explodes.

Music is an oasis because it can always help me when I need help.

My parents are like islands because if I get stuck in the ocean, it will always be there for me.

Water is like a peninsula for me because it is very hard for me to get out of it.

My secrets are like forests for me because it is hard to get out of it and it is usually deep inside my heart.

My friendship is like a lake because it usually is very useful and pretty.

My fears are like a desert because I always get stuck in it and it is hard to survive through it.

My family is like the coast because it is very close to water.

School is like the ocean because it is hard to get through but if we try hard enough, we will succeed.

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Feeling In Me

                                                                                                                              Feelings in Me

I am from kindness and hopes,

the family filled with love

As strong as metal,

the feeling of warmth

As soft as a bed,


I am from unkindness and fear,

The family filled with dislike

as little as the books in my bedroom,

the feeling of loneliness

as sharp as a knife.


Happiness, sadness, and madness

like volcanos in my body,

the heart filled with dreams and wonder

as strong as steal and the bed I lay on

as soft as feather.

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