The covered Land

Japanese is a mountain because I will always get lost and stuck.

Food is a vally for me because it is always with me and always very long.

Homework is like a river because it is long and endless.

My feelings are like a volcano because my feelings sometimes are very calm and sometimes suddenly explodes.

Music is an oasis because it can always help me when I need help.

My parents are like islands because if I get stuck in the ocean, it will always be there for me.

Water is like a peninsula for me because it is very hard for me to get out of it.

My secrets are like forests for me because it is hard to get out of it and it is usually deep inside my heart.

My friendship is like a lake because it usually is very useful and pretty.

My fears are like a desert because I always get stuck in it and it is hard to survive through it.

My family is like the coast because it is very close to water.

School is like the ocean because it is hard to get through but if we try hard enough, we will succeed.

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