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My Reflection:

Overall I think that the project went really well and the journaling part of the project made me like journaling s I usually journal about 4 times each week. This project also teched me how to see if an article is trustworthy or not which is something very useful in common life.

There was a word document of what we needed on a DX post and I went on with that and made sure I had everything I needed. I did put them in order and I had everything I needed on here.

In the future, if there are historians and they might have not experimented with this coronavirus, they can know some facts and how it feels like to have this coronavirus. They can know some things about coronavirus just in case they have it too. Future 6th graders can know some things about how to make the project and what they need to do. Also, they can learn some things about coronavirus too just in case something happens.

There are a few things that went well in this unit. First, I learned how to journal and liked journaling. Seconds of all, I learned how to see if an article is true or not and if it is trustworthy or not.bThird of all, I found out how to use Sway which I am new to and know how to process it.

I found out that even though I like writing journals now, it was actually really hard to catch up on the work in the first few days. Also, in the beginning of learning how to see it an article is true and trustworthy, well, I had some troubles with them and could not understand it in the first few classes but that was all.

This is the Sway I made on the project: Our Stories Make History

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