All About Greg!

What book did you read and how did you like it?
I read Diary of the Wimpy Kidand I liked it very much. There were some problems I found about reading this book and one of them is that this book doesn’t have chapters so that was something that made me and Eve think about for a long time. Also, since this book is in series, the book ends in a loose end and there are some questions not answered and you have to read the next book in the series.

Explain how your project shows your thinking-
This project shows my thinking by having some notes about things that are interesting, important, and some questions I have. I write one for each day and all the thinking that has been done. Some of the questions have been answered and some have not.

How did this project level-up your thinking or stretch you as a reader?
This book stretched my thinking by having me think bout the character deep inside and understand his feeling. Since I am reading a book that is categorized as a Diary, I have to understand that the character is thinking and what he/she is trying to say to the reader. So I had to fully understand Greg and his feelings to have good notes and things like that.

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