The Legacies of Ancient Rome

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Sci-Fi/Fantasy City project

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Emotional Control

Some people, including me, have trouble controlling or even recognizing emotions, which can lead to some very awkward situations. But, as with every problem, there is a solution to this. One of the most famous fictional characters, Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson, has this issue, and we will be using him as an example of how to solve or manage this issue. Anyone can control their emotions, with enough effort of course.

To solve a problem, we need to first know the issue. People who have trouble managing emotions have trouble controlling what they say or do, like when Percy pushed Nancy Bobofit into the fountain. This sometimes leads to awkward moments where people say something before thinking it through, and immediately regret it, like in page 39 of ‘The Lightning Thief’ where Percy says to his mother “because you don’t want me around?” and immediately regrets it. People with this issue also have trouble managing anger, which leads to outbursts at inopportune times, like Percy throwing his study guide across the room, or calling his English teacher an old sot (old drunk) after getting chewed out by the teacher one too many times. (pg 39)

Now that we know what the problem is, we can solve it. Apparently, our grandparents knew a thing or two about controlling emotions, as some old-fashioned treatments work quite well in this case. You can also do some positive actions like exercise, which releases dopamine, which makes you feel better, or playing to your strengths to compensate for weaknesses. (Recognizing and Managing Emotions) You can actually control emotions forcibly, so another trick is to ‘think happy thoughts’, a clichéd, but apparently successful technique. Remember, the best decisions are made with both reason and emotions, not just one. You also cannot forget that other people also have emotions, so you have to consider others when making decisions, too.

Controlling emotions can be challenging for many people, including both me (eg. Shouting out something stupid in the middle of class) and Percy Jackson, but can still be done with reason and other strategies that help people manage emotions. People will still always at least once say or do something they regret, but they also have the power to lessen the chance of it happening every single day. being able to control emotions lets you make better choices, as making decisions with just emotion can lead to rash, not well thought out actions, and making decisions with just reason makes for cold, inhumane actions. You also have to consider other people’s emotions as well, so you will never be 100% correct, but you can still try and make the best decisions in day to day life.

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Cholera: Deadly Diarrhea

Cholera: the disease that kills by poop by Me

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The Legendary Sword

my comic is about the prologue to the first chapter which I’m going to write. This is because I thought this unit was very fun, and this is how i came up with the format. the concept, however, I thought of by playing games. A specific genre of games called RPGs(role-playing games) are immensely story centered, and I came up for the idea of the story by playing xenoblade chronicles: definitive edition and xenoblade chronicles 2.

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ThingLink Final Assesment

  1. I don’t think i took away anything from this year’s science, as i already knew most of it, but i learned a lot of finer details.
  2. that I turned my work in on time, but didn’t put maximum effort into basically anything, and my mom and teachers say i have a lot of potential, but i have to work harder
  3.  SPACE or astrophysics, maybe normal physics.
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Development of The Angels

The book I used for my project is Angel’s Blood, by Nalini Singh. My project contains everything I considered major in the story in character development. I’ve never done this before, and I had to track multiple characters at once, which was more challenging than I believed


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Scrapbook of the Ages




This Unit was the biggest thing I have ever done. Just assignment after assignment after assignment. This project was a culmination of every project in this unit. It wasn’t organized, I just put on whatever I remembered, and it worked out(I hope). If this is ever found in the  future to use as a source for how we lived and couldn’t cure diseases, My name is Hajin Please make me famous. But I really do think that there could be better sources than this one. This unit was challenging. I’m not very good at being serious, but this unit was basically a giant reflection on ourselves during  the coronavirus, and I’m not good at reflecting upon myself. Others, sure, but not myself.

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Project: Chocolate Soufflé

  1. honestly, I just wanted to try it out. It also relaxed me a lot too.
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Evolution Of Communication

reflection: I did pretty well, I think,  but I stuttered and paused too much in my video, and I accidentally used a premium template for my infographic. I used Wikipedia because there wasn’t anything in the ISB source that related to my question.

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