My Cardboard Arcade – Round the Corner

This is my Design class creation. The aim of it is to get a marble around the corner and stop at one of the papers on the game. The papers have points on them. You launch the marbles by pulling back rubber bands on nails, and slingshot the marble forward. Hopefully, the marble will hit the other rubber bands and go around the corner.



This game was very challenging to make. We had plan A,B,C and almost D. One of our very challenging parts were the rubber bands. The nails that were holding them were leaning inwards and the bands would not stay on. So, we added foam underneath to add strength. It ended up working very well.

One thing that I wish we could have spent more time on was the decorations. We tried to make it look good by adding duct tape, but it did not look good. People said that our game was very fun, but I don’t think it was very eye catching.

Skills that I learned were fastening cardboard in different ways. For example, duct tape instead of hot glue. I also learned to put the knife back in its holder before I put it on the table.

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