My Thoughts in COVID-19


My Reflection:

We can’t do everything that we were meant to do at this time because of the situation, so our teachers found a different solution. They said that we should make different projects talking about our situations. This has never been done before, but it was so much fun. This final project, is everything we have done in this unit, pulled into one project.

I organized mine to be everything in groups. I have my projects in one place, my diary entries, and my articles all in a specific place. This project might be helpful to future historians because it would tell them all about people in different situations during COVID-19. This also might help future 6th graders to be appreciative of what they have and that they did not have to go through this.

Some things that went well for me in this project, was that I got a lot done and I didn’t struggle to get everything in. I really enjoyed doing this unit. It was really fun. Some things that didn’t go well for me, were keeping everything in one place. We did so much in this unit, everything that I had done was all over my computer. I never knew where something was. I still really enjoyed this unit. It was so much fun.

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