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Percy Jackson Struggles with Low Self-confidence


Percy Jackson really struggles with self-confidence and esteem. Anytime he mentions himself, it’s in a negative way. This makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve anything, and he doesn’t know how to handle those emotions. He then takes it out on others, so he has fewer and fewer friends. If Percy knew how to improve his self-esteem, it would drastically improve his academic and social life.


As I said before, Percy struggles with self-confidence/esteem. On page 38 he says, “What was so great about me? A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card, kicked out of school for the sixth time in six years.”. He doesn’t think that there is anything good about him. He continues to prove this point on page 2 by saying, “I could start at any point in my short miserable life”. He is a negative, pessimistic, gloomy kid. His emotions are all scrambled from this. He doesn’t know how to speak well about himself, so people don’t want to be around him.


There are ways for him to become a more positive person. For example, A TEDx video (3 tips to boost your confidence) made for helping kids with low self-confidence gave different ways to help you. He could try to have a better outlook, not expect the worst from things, and just try being more positive. That is hard to do and won’t just happen overnight, but there are strategies to help you get better. “Everyone can become more confident. Listening to music with strong bass, picturing your success, and just practicing failure.” Everyone is different, so those examples may not work. But there is always a way to feel better about yourself. You just have to try.


Percy is a very negative person, and this affects the ways he manages his emotions, and how he treats people around him. If he were to use some strategies to lift his self-esteem, he could get more friends, his grades could get better, and he could just be a better person overall. Feeling like you are nothing is something that can bring you down really fast, but with practice, you can continuously feel good about what you do.


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