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Elusian (Post-Pandemic City)

In this enrichment, we were told to create a fantasy/sci fi city. I looked at loads of different movie trailers to see what details I should include in my city. Lots of the things I have included are from very … Continue reading

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The Testing Cast List

These are the actors I think would play the characters of The Testing in a movie. There is a movie for this book in the making, and I am excited to see the cast.

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Needing Some Help

  Percy Jackson Struggles with Low Self-confidence   Percy Jackson really struggles with self-confidence and esteem. Anytime he mentions himself, it’s in a negative way. This makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve anything, and he doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Chinese 4 Seasons Project This is a link to my Chinese Projects

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Received by Hayley

Received Click to read this book, made with Book Creator Summary: In the book, “Received” by Hayley, Alex loves volleyball. It is her life. She has had a few accidents before but never thought that they would mean something. … Continue reading

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Science Mini Project

This is my Thinglink. My biggest take away from science is to do all of your work well and use it to study for your tests, and to ask questions. If I was going to write the comment on my … Continue reading

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Final Project Book Club (Divergent Series)

Book Club Final Project.pptx I read the Divergent series. (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant) I really enjoyed this series. My project shows my thinking about how the characters affect the mood. I did each slide representing a faction in the book. Doing … Continue reading

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My Thoughts in COVID-19

  My Reflection: We can’t do everything that we were meant to do at this time because of the situation, so our teachers found a different solution. They said that we should make different projects talking about our situations. This … Continue reading

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Visual Storytelling COVID-19

In this video, I talk about my experience of E-learning, through visual storytelling. I have different photos on each slide that portray my emotions at that time. This video is 3 minutes long. Enjoy. 😁

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Early Humans Project

This project was very challenging but so much fun. I had some trouble doing research at first. After a while, I fell into the flow of things. I found my resources for research, I did my infographic which took no … Continue reading

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