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Needing Some Help

  Percy Jackson Struggles with Low Self-confidence   Percy Jackson really struggles with self-confidence and esteem. Anytime he mentions himself, it’s in a negative way. This makes him feel like he doesn’t deserve anything, and he doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Received by Hayley

Received Click to read this book, made with Book Creator Summary: In the book, “Received” by Hayley, Alex loves volleyball. It is her life. She has had a few accidents before but never thought that they would mean something. … Continue reading

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Final Project Book Club (Divergent Series)

Book Club Final Project.pptx I read the Divergent series. (Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant) I really enjoyed this series. My project shows my thinking about how the characters affect the mood. I did each slide representing a faction in the book. Doing … Continue reading

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My Thoughts in COVID-19

  My Reflection: We can’t do everything that we were meant to do at this time because of the situation, so our teachers found a different solution. They said that we should make different projects talking about our situations. This … Continue reading

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Visual Storytelling COVID-19

In this video, I talk about my experience of E-learning, through visual storytelling. I have different photos on each slide that portray my emotions at that time. This video is 3 minutes long. Enjoy. 😁

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The Land of Emotions

  Family dinners are a plain. Math is a mountain My negativity is a valley. Reading is a river. My stress is a volcano. Fridays are an oasis. M sisters room is an island. Homework is a peninsula. Books are … Continue reading

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Goodbyes and Hellos 

I am from a loving family,  Fights with my sister,  Warm hugs and sweet kisses,    I’m from long plane rides,  Confusing new places,  Exploring the world,  And having bags on our backs,    I am from healthy meals,  Veggies … Continue reading

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I am a…..

Hello, I’m Hayley and I have been in the sixth grade for 2 weeks. It is awesome! One of our first projects in humanities was to create a picture of ourselves and draw over. We used the app SketchBook. It … Continue reading

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