sewable bookmark project

in this sewable electronics unit i made this bookmark because i don’t have bookmarks at home and i always had to fold my page to save where i’ve read up to, so i made this bookmark to help me not make my pages all messy and stuff. some of the other design ideas that i had was discarded because this was my best plan.during this sewing unit, almost everything was new to me because i didnt know what a lot of things were, and for some things, i didnt even knew they existed before this unit, also i wanted to eat the wax because it looked yummy. in this project, i learned about al sorts of different stitches and what they were for, but one very big advise that i would give the students from next semester is to always remember to check the negatives and positives! because i learned it the hard way.(i had to restart)

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How Percy Jackson’s Personal Relationships Affect his Life at Yancy Academy

During the book “Percy Jackson and the Olympians book 1, the lightning thief” chapters 1-3. I realized that Percy doesn’t actually have any friends that can actually help him. (he actually only has one friend called Grover.) Grover usually tries his best to calm him down, but it’s usually no use because Percy also has a hard time controlling his emotions (I used to try to calm my sister down after making her mad, but that just makes her scream at me even more), especially when there’s no friends helping him, so it’s affecting his attitude towards school thus making him really miserable because he’s constantly Kicked out of multiple schools and gets into a lot of trouble. So in this blog post, I will give him some advice on how he might be able to solve his personal relationship problems. (which I think are the most important.)

His personal relationship problem is making him stand-alone all the time, (like when I had no friends at kindergarten.) like when everyone was saying that there wasn’t a Miss Dodds the day after he was attacked, Mr. Brunner (his favorite teacher.) expects him to be better than everyone else when he’s never made above a c- for on his report card, and strange things happening but he seems to be the only one that feels it or sometimes the opposite. The only sweet place for him is his home with his mom, but his dad was gone before he was born so all he’s really left with is his stepfather “smelly Gabe” which is one of the people he hates most.


Possible solutions

First of all, the most important part of solving his personal relationship problem, is of course getting more friends because he only has one so far. To do that, he could try to be interested in the things the other person likes. like, if you’re trying to befriend Bob, “you could ask more questions/pretend to be interested in the topic” that bob is interested in, apart from talking about the things that you’re interested in. (unless Bob likes it too.) Once you’ve done that, the way to make that relationship even stronger, is to remember the above; “spending time with your friend while they’re going through a hard time, to them, means more than gifts of any kind”, spending time with them in the holidays is also a great way to strengthen their relationships, even “checking in with them to see how they’re doing every once in a while could mean something”.

If Percy manages to do all of the above/get some more friends with the advice that I gave him. He would be happier, which could potentially lead to a better attitude towards school and an easier time managing his emotions.




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The Racing Planets By Henry


The Racing Planets by Henry,  is about two planets, that are about to crash, cause a black whole, and consume earth, so the people on earth tries to stop it as soon as possible, but sadly, it just led to a new alien enemy thats driving their intire planet to colonize/invade earth.

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Science 6th grade final project

I think my biggest takeaway from G6 science is the energy unit because even when were finished with the unit, we still kept mentioning and talking about the topic.

I think I’m pretty confident in making models and analyzing data but i need to work on making my scientific explanations more clear.

Next year, i will work on making my scientific explanations more clear.

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Book club


I read A Wrinkle In Time,  A Wind In The Door, and A Swiftly Tilting Planet.  I like how its a sci – fi book (I like pretty much all sci – fi books) and talking about all those new characters/ things every book other book because the old characters (apart from Ms Murry and her family) just disappear and we don’t know where they go. I showed my thinking by putting up all the notes i took and organized it into a presentation website so it would be more organized. this stretched me as a reader by making me focus on a new persective that i don’t usually look at (mood and setting)

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our stories make history


Final reflection: I feel like this project went pretty well even when we’re not at school, but also we wouldn’t have this unit if we were at school because that would only mean that the COVID – 19 wasn’t there. I organized my project in the order that I created them to hopefully match the timeline.

This project would be useful to future historians because this will provide them with information of what students were doing during the coronavirus outbreak.

The thing that went pretty well was my emotional timeline being the first one and the one that took the longest to make but I think it turned out pretty well and the dates were pretty precise.

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daxing airport (project)

i have made a drawing of the daxing airport with the COVID – 19

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How has technology influenced humans throughout history?

This is my Thinglink about my research question which is the title of this post, and there are links that you can click on to get to a new Thinglink that explains that specific thing.


Something that went well was that I’ve learnt a lot of things about technology during this project. But I also had some trouble uploading my video because it was uploading very slowly. So next time I do it, I will double check on what I did wrong and fix that problem as soon as possible.


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my cardboard arcade game!

to complete this game you need to pull the two strings and dodge the holes so  that the ball in the rocketship doesn’t fall out through the whole.

I think that my biggest obstacle was trying to plan out how we’re gonna make our game because we had some trouble with the scaling and also we had to change our plan a few times.

overall, i think this product was successful because lots of fourth-graders enjoyed our game and wanted to try it over and over again to try and beat the high score on the leaderboard but the highest possible score was 6 points and the highest score the fourth-graders got were 3 points and most of them got 2 points.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to plan better and when you’re gonna cut something, think twice before you do so because it’s really easy to mess up when you cut.


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homo erectus

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