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Humanities Reflection

I felt like something that went well in my Early Humans project was the initial research. I had all my sources and was able to find a decent amount of stuff regarding my question. However, I struggled to find a primary source and even then was only able to find one with more cons than pros to it. If I could start over, I’d probably change my question to something related to hunting instead of the fire itself- the question I ended up with wasn’t the most interesting. 

Early Humans and Us

In Humanities, we were assigned a project where we came up with a research question (based off of early humans and us) and used the resources given to answer it. My question was ‘How does our use of fire today differ from how we used it as early humans?’ My ThingLink (shown below) answers that question, accompanied by some audio.

Continent I – My Metaphor Map

My emotions are a volcano- calm, but ready to burst at any moment.

My books is a plain. Easy, calm, and relaxing.

My music is a river; never ending and soft.

My art and writing is an oasis. It provides comfort, and is always there. I can always look to it when I need it.

Social interaction is a mountain that’s difficult to climb. If I make one wrong move, I slip and fall.

My math is an island that I’m stranded on. I don’t know how to get back to mainland.

My thoughts are an ocean. Normally calm, but will become extremely angry.

Dreams are a lake. Comforting and I can easily come across one.

My imagination is a forest because every one can be different. It can be dark or kind.

My fears are a desert. Barren land with nobody to count on.

I am from Stray Cats and Mechanical Hands

My poem is a bunch of memories that I jumbled together into a poem. The first paragraph references my time I spent living in Costa Rica, whereas the second paragraph is more related to recent times. We jotted down a bunch of memories with a variety of differences (e.g. memories outside, phrases, memories around the house, etc), and wrote a poem using them with figurative language. It was pretty swell! I tried to include quite a bit of figurative language, but if there’s not much, then I apologize.

╳°»。 ∾・⁙・ ღ ➵ ⁘ ➵ ღ ・⁙・∾ 。«°╳

I am from Stray Cats and Mechanical Hands 

By: Ivy Sand 


I am from adventures in the rainforest 

Tall, lush trees looming over us 

Sweet berries and poison frogs 

Critters darting into the foliage 

All of them hiding from me 


I am from Pokémon at midnight 

A dim candle flickering 

The room struggling 

To stay seen 

Velvet blankets bundle me up 

As I sip on my Cola 


I am from my favorite songs 

Art during rainy afternoons 

Luxury I never needed  

The turning of delicate pages 

And shredded art nobody ever saw 


I am from stray cats that eye me incredulously  

Like two wild creatures 

I am the prey 

Campfires dancing, grasping marshmallows 

Flowers blooming in the fields  

Chimes in the breeze, begging to be heard 


I am from ripe peach picking 

Mechanical hands dictating my every move 

Popsicles that drip onto the sizzling sidewalk 

Hoodies, even though it’s the middle of summer 

Sparrows singing up a storm 

And a fresh breeze that ruffles up my hair 


Forgotten memories and entertaining conversations. that is where I’m from.  




How do I Feel About Middle School?

Middle School has been okay. It’s been exciting, but definitely different from what I imagined. Anyways, I like cats (all cats. Cats are pretty swell), and I guess Middle School’s been pretty swell as well, so here’s a picture of a cat to make your day pretty swell.

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