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Argumentative Writing Reflection

What you did well in your essay. 

What I did well in my essay was including  good evidence and good claims.

What you might like to improve. 

I think I should improve and work more on my conclusion sentences, and this very important because it’s the small paragraph on where it summarizes your essay and brings it to a close.

Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

There wasn’t any areas that Ms. Rivera and I marked differently, so it means that, we both agree on each other.

What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

Writing and planning wasn’t much of a struggle for me but my biggest challenge I faced on this essay was that I had a hard time researching. Because I really want to have the best evidence and the strongest to support my argument. I overcame this challenge by trying my best to research my topic. And, the debate word document also helped me a lot, since there were a lot of evidence that I could use.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

Percy Jackson Informational Blog  

In the book, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning ThiefPercy has made some small and not very good actionsTake for example, I think Percy has a really hard time focusing in class. This will impact him by struggling in school, having bad grades, not doing well in every subjects. His actions can impact his friends or people around him are he will have less friends and maybe no friends because if he doesn’t focus in class, he might distract others around him by fooling around. This is true because on page 7, Percy said, “I have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder.” that means he has a hard time reading and focusing in class. Some advice that I could give Percy from “Top 10 study tips” are that maybe he should find a good place with no other noises distracting himfor instance: if he was in class and some friends were talking to him, he could move to another spot where no one is distracting him. And if he was studying at home, he should find a quiet place where there are no fidgets that he will play with, when he gets frustrated or feels tired, he should go outside to breathe some fresh air or he could “feed” his stomach with some snacks and drinks.  

Another action that Percy made was on page 9 and 10 he pushed Nancy and got in trouble, this was telling me that Percy might’ve had a hard time controlling his own feelings and got mad. This can impact himself by getting in trouble all the time since he can’t manage his own emotions. It can also impact others because maybe they could fear Percy when he pushed Nancy, so no one might be friends with Percy anymore.  One advice that will help Percy according to “Recognizing and Managing Emotions” is that he should help himself manage his own emotions. Some tips are that he should exercise. This is because it can release reward and pleasure chemicals in the brain which will help make the body feel better. Being fit (exercising) can also make you healthier which helps you to manage your emotion. My second tip is he should not think of negative things, because then if your brain is full of negative things, then probably your actions you’re doing to others are also negative (when Percy pushed Nancy). The last advice I will give to Percy is maybe taking some time before deciding what he is doing. He should think of these questions, is this being nice? How am I helping others by doing this? Will this hurt their feeling? Will I get in trouble by acting like this?  

Those are my advices I gave to Percy because then he can focus in class, also he can manage his emotion and not be mean to others by doing that.  

What Kind of Person is Percy Jackson? (CER)

What Kind of Person is Percy Jackson? 

In Percy Jackson and the lightning Thief, Percy Jackson was brave. This is because on page 13, Percy killed Mrs. Dodds by swinging the sword right at Mrs. Dodds, I think this was a brave thing for Percy to do because it might be very hard to kill your teacher, but Percy was brave enough and he still killed his teacher. Another time in this story I thought Percy was brave was on page 55, because when Percy killed the monster all by himself. That was a very brave thing for Percy to do because he used the monster’s own horn, and he killed the Minotaur. Based on these actions one can infer that Percy Jackson was brave because he killed Mrs. Dodds and the Minotaur all by himself, and I thought that was brave because Percy is only a 12-year-old kid and killing monsters all by himself without any training is a very strong and brave thing to do.  

Below is my t-chart of character traits of Percy Jackson.


Marine Ocean Habitat

  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science? One biggest take away I would like to take this unit (Habitats), before having this unit I didn’t know anything about marine animals, but after, I learned so many new things and I was very surprised.
  2. What would you like to work on for next year in science? I would just continue doing my good work and trying my best to do everything correctly. 



Our Stories Make History

This unit was one of the most fun and wonderful unit this year. To sum this fun unit up, I had made a book creator with all assignments and projects given from my teacher. Hope you enjoy reading this book. I also have a quick video of a reflection for this project.

Performance Proposal

This will be a link to my powerpoint for my proposal. There is a video that is below.

视频 (3)

Please enjoy!

Dear Abby Letter

This is what I wrote for the Dear Abby Letter.

Reflection of the Early Human Project

What went well in this project?
In this project what went really well was that I finish the project on time with lots of information to say about Past burials and Now burials. This early human project was a really fun and interesting project, it let me learn a lot of early human informations, one thing I learned was that some early humans just throw their dead in the river or off a cliff.

What didn’t go so well?
When I was doing this project I forgot one very important part, while I did this project, I was only focused one early humans, but Ms. Shannon sent me an email and said that remember this is a Early Human and Us project, not only focused on Early Humans. So that was a mistake that I learned.

If I could do it again, would I change?

I would change the topic, because before I was really interested in burials and how early humans buried their dead. But after I saw a flipgrid video of Diet, I thought that diet was also really interesting, I have a ton of question on Diet of early humans, after thinking I was kinda surprised of early humans eating raw meat.

In this project I think most of it was successful, I really wish to do this project so that I could learn more about her ancestors!

Early Humans and Us Project

This is my ThingLink project about Early Humans and Us. My topic was community, and my research question was how have our funeral practices change over time?

Our Cup Challenge

In this science project, my group members Ania Edkin, Fiona Sun and Geoffrey Liu were in a group. We first did our own design, then we got in a group and made a group design which we all agreed on.  We used the materials felt, blanket, popsicle sticks and foil. We tested it today by using the logger pro and we got our initial and final temperature. Our starting temperature was 80.2C and our final temperature was 72.9C. We had to find our difference which was 7.3C, which I think is pretty good. This is a picture of our design with the front, back, side (left right), and a high view of our design. We also had a picture of the base itself. Some challenges we had is that if the felt and blanket didn’t over the whole cup, then air’s heat (cold) might get in the cup, and then the coffee will get cold. But what went well, was that we worked very hard, and for the differences we got 7.3C, and if we competed then we got 2nd place in the whole class. So I think we did pretty good. But some changes we could like to make is to make the lid thicker, to prevent hot air to go out.


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