Lightbox Reflection

For this unit of Product Design, we are assigned to make a light box that reminds un of somewhere that is important to us. The place i choose is LA’s Hollywood sign because first, I’ve lived in LA for a long time and Hollywood is my favorite place to go. Unfortunately because of covid I’m not able to go.

One piece of feedback I’ve gotten on my lightbox is to cut holes in my very back layer because now one of the problems that my li

ghtbox faces is when i open the lights because of back layer not much light can pass through to light up the whole box, the part i would cut out is probably the sky since there is just large chunks of blue as the sky and i messed up the color of the sky so i will cut that part.

Along with the time of making this light box, i’ve learned several skills, I’ve learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to make my layers, to create rounded corners, to turn a icons downloaded online to lines that allows me to edit the icons and make them readable to the laser cutter. Another skill that I’ve learned is to properly use super glue, I’ve learned that if you got super glue on your hands don’t peal it of, it will take off along with your skin, a good way to use super glue is to use tweezers to replace your hand to hold whatever you want to glue.

Something I learned about myself during this project is that i don’t like to double check. I know this because I messed up my laser wood cutting 3 times just because i refuse to double check, i will improve myself by double check every time from now on.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be to plan well before you start making your actual thing, I’ve learned this the hard way, before i thought i’ve done enough planning so i started to construct my layers right away, but when i bring it to the teacher i’ve noticed several crucial mistakes that led to me redoing my layers.

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What can Percy do to boost his confidence?

Here is a kid who always gets in to trouble and he always blame himself, although sometimes it’s not because of him, he thinks he can never do well in school. Who could this be that sounds like he is a loser? Meet Percy Jackson.

Percy is a bad kid, too himself yes, in fact he actually showed us in the book, he said, and I quote “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You can say that.” this proves Percy is not confident because he classifies himself as a bad kid that can never do well in school. In the real world we face problems and sometimes these problems take us down and makes us think we can never be successful at school or work, but we should never recognize ourselves this way, because it’s important to know that everyone can be good at something and that’s just how we work.

Percy might be a “troubled” kid, but there are things that he can do to help him boost his confidence in order for him to do well in school. Maybe if he fails then he should try harder next time, for example, if he fails his math test, then he should try harder to focus on studying and when the next math test is assigned, he can try again and maybe he can do better.

Another way for Percy to boost his confidence is to recognize his strength, what he is good at, that’s what he should work on. Maybe if he is good at reading Latin, maybe he can do his best on Latin and became a language expert. And when you are good at something, you feel that you are not a loser and you can actually achieve something. Let’s look at an example of me, when I was in third grade, I was bad at math, reading, writing, science etc. I was really depressed, but when I started to play basketball I noticed my strength, i started to play basketball every day and I gained confidence and I was improving on many subjects

Just a reminding, Percy can boost his confidence by trying harder next time when he fails, and he can find his strength and work on it so he feels he can be good at something.

To sum this up, Percy can try again when he fails and find something he’s good at to boost his confidence in order to do well in school.

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Our Stories Makes History

During the COVID-19 outbreak that is happening around the world and we’re all stuck at home, we started a new unit called “Our Stories Makes History”, it’s about adding your photos, daily journals, and the articles you’ve read about the COVID-19 or just anything that you recorded during this period of time. To organize my work, I started using Canva because, first Canva is a website that is focused on making posters or timelines or collages or anything related digitally, second this is a website that I’m comfortable with using. I think this primary source will show people how it feels like to be stuck at home for a very long time and how it feels like to have someone in your family who is sick and not sure if they got the virus, or just how to be protecting yourself from the virus. Something that went well in this unit is using canva to create my work and something that’s challenging is to write a diary every single day there isn’t anything to write about when you’re stuck at home and staring at a computer screen all day.

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Dear Abby Letter: Character Conflict

Jun16, 1979

Dear Abby,

I have problems controlling my emotions, my dad died 4 months ago and I feel like something is torn apart badly in my heart and something is missing. Yesterday I had a big fight with mom, I don’t get it, why can’t she understand me, I like to play basketball and I just want 1, 1pair of new snickers and she said I have to be grateful for things that we already have and other stupid parent things, why can’t she just understand me like my dad does?! Also, my mom forced me to walk an old lady’s dog every morning just because my friend has stollen her cans and I was just watching him stealing the cans, IT WAS’T EVEN ME! What can i do to make my mom understand me and stop forcing me to walk that old lady’s dog? Anyway moving on, there’s this girl who is my friend sort of likes me and I want to be cool but I feel like I’m not that cool enough. What should I do?


Dog Walker Who Wants a Pair of Snickers and Not Really Cool

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Early Hmans and Us Reflection

1, what went well for me is using noodletools and collecting information online
2, what didn’t go so well is trying to find useful information online
3, If I could start over and do things differently, I will add more artifacts both from early humans and modern humans because I feel like I can add more

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Early Humans and Us Research Project

in humanities, we worked on a research project called Early Humans and Us, my research project is called How has time-telling technology changed over time, we used thinglink to show our learning and here’s my thinglink

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my favorite time in teach was to hang out with 4th graders and play Uno with them

most changeling time in teach is to deal with kids that are not behaving and telling them what to do and what is right

would I like to work with kids in the future? no, because I think I can’t really handle kids that well yet

Add more passion lessons probably

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Reading with kids

During enrichment class “teach!”, we learn to help 2 and 4th graders and it was a lot of fun. something went well is that the 4th graders are reading books to me and it was fun. something that the kids can improve is that they can be more focused and behave better. something that I will do next is to create more games to help them learn.

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Metaphor Maps

In humanities class, we finished our metaphor maps that represent me using features of the earth, biomes to  describe myself


Plain is science because nothing hard has stopped me like a plain that has no vehicular.


Mountain is piano because I’m still working hard on it like climbing to reach the top of the mountain.


Valley is home because I’m the water in the middle and to land on the side will protect me like walls of the house.


river are my memories that float through my head like water that floats in rivers.


Volcano is my cuisine because he’s always angry like a volcano that explodes


Oasis are peoples that I care because when I’m down, they will always be the one to save me


Island are my thoughts because thoughts can’t escape your head like you’re trapped on an island


Peninsula is Minecraft because only a few people can really connect with me about it like fewer lands are connected to a peninsula.


Forest are my friends because we like trees in a forest that are really close together.


Lake is my love of movies because it will not change in a million years like the water in a lake that never moves.


Desert is writing because it’s dry and dead.


Ocean is my family because I am the land in the middle and ocean is around me like a family


Coast is love because is the way that I connect with my family

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I am from the big shadow and hours of movies

In humanities class today we finally published our “I am From Poem”. Instead of saying like I am from China, Japan, England, America, we say we came from important things, people, places, or memories and everything that is apart of our lives that is important to us. So enjoy.


I am from the big shadow and hours of movies 

By: Jason Wu 


I am from the big tree in my back yard 

When the sun is right up on my face 

the tree will nicely invite me  

to his big shadow 


am from hours and hours of movies 

as if it’s speaking to me 

telling me amazing adventure stories 

people’s lives 

beautiful love stories 

fantastical fantasy stories 


I am from “longest ears in the world” 

Apples that fall into my “battle field” but don’t really belong to me 

And the “coal Beef” that uncle Ni BBQed 


I am from the blocky world of Minecraft 

Witch its possibility is only beyond your imagination 

And “Better together” 


I am from mom’s caring 

Dad’s doing everything for our family 

Brother’s will of buying video games for me 

Friend’s good time playing together with me 


I am from all the things that are important to me  





Games and toys 

And everything that takes place in my heart 

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