I am from the big shadow and hours of movies

In humanities class today we finally published our “I am From Poem”. Instead of saying like I am from China, Japan, England, America, we say we came from important things, people, places, or memories and everything that is apart of our lives that is important to us. So enjoy.


I am from the big shadow and hours of movies 

By: Jason Wu 


I am from the big tree in my back yard 

When the sun is right up on my face 

the tree will nicely invite me  

to his big shadow 


am from hours and hours of movies 

as if it’s speaking to me 

telling me amazing adventure stories 

people’s lives 

beautiful love stories 

fantastical fantasy stories 


I am from “longest ears in the world” 

Apples that fall into my “battle field” but don’t really belong to me 

And the “coal Beef” that uncle Ni BBQed 


I am from the blocky world of Minecraft 

Witch its possibility is only beyond your imagination 

And “Better together” 


I am from mom’s caring 

Dad’s doing everything for our family 

Brother’s will of buying video games for me 

Friend’s good time playing together with me 


I am from all the things that are important to me  





Games and toys 

And everything that takes place in my heart 

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