Metaphor Maps

In humanities class, we finished our metaphor maps that represent me using features of the earth, biomes to  describe myself


Plain is science because nothing hard has stopped me like a plain that has no vehicular.


Mountain is piano because I’m still working hard on it like climbing to reach the top of the mountain.


Valley is home because I’m the water in the middle and to land on the side will protect me like walls of the house.


river are my memories that float through my head like water that floats in rivers.


Volcano is my cuisine because he’s always angry like a volcano that explodes


Oasis are peoples that I care because when I’m down, they will always be the one to save me


Island are my thoughts because thoughts can’t escape your head like you’re trapped on an island


Peninsula is Minecraft because only a few people can really connect with me about it like fewer lands are connected to a peninsula.


Forest are my friends because we like trees in a forest that are really close together.


Lake is my love of movies because it will not change in a million years like the water in a lake that never moves.


Desert is writing because it’s dry and dead.


Ocean is my family because I am the land in the middle and ocean is around me like a family


Coast is love because is the way that I connect with my family

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