Dear Abby Letter: Character Conflict

Jun16, 1979

Dear Abby,

I have problems controlling my emotions, my dad died 4 months ago and I feel like something is torn apart badly in my heart and something is missing. Yesterday I had a big fight with mom, I don’t get it, why can’t she understand me, I like to play basketball and I just want 1, 1pair of new snickers and she said I have to be grateful for things that we already have and other stupid parent things, why can’t she just understand me like my dad does?! Also, my mom forced me to walk an old lady’s dog every morning just because my friend has stollen her cans and I was just watching him stealing the cans, IT WAS’T EVEN ME! What can i do to make my mom understand me and stop forcing me to walk that old lady’s dog? Anyway moving on, there’s this girl who is my friend sort of likes me and I want to be cool but I feel like I’m not that cool enough. What should I do?


Dog Walker Who Wants a Pair of Snickers and Not Really Cool

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