Our Stories Makes History

During the COVID-19 outbreak that is happening around the world and we’re all stuck at home, we started a new unit called “Our Stories Makes History”, it’s about adding your photos, daily journals, and the articles you’ve read about the COVID-19 or just anything that you recorded during this period of time. To organize my work, I started using Canva because, first Canva is a website that is focused on making posters or timelines or collages or anything related digitally, second this is a website that I’m comfortable with using. I think this primary source will show people how it feels like to be stuck at home for a very long time and how it feels like to have someone in your family who is sick and not sure if they got the virus, or just how to be protecting yourself from the virus. Something that went well in this unit is using canva to create my work and something that’s challenging is to write a diary every single day there isn’t anything to write about when you’re stuck at home and staring at a computer screen all day.

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