What can Percy do to boost his confidence?

Here is a kid who always gets in to trouble and he always blame himself, although sometimes it’s not because of him, he thinks he can never do well in school. Who could this be that sounds like he is a loser? Meet Percy Jackson.

Percy is a bad kid, too himself yes, in fact he actually showed us in the book, he said, and I quote “Am I a troubled kid? Yeah. You can say that.” this proves Percy is not confident because he classifies himself as a bad kid that can never do well in school. In the real world we face problems and sometimes these problems take us down and makes us think we can never be successful at school or work, but we should never recognize ourselves this way, because it’s important to know that everyone can be good at something and that’s just how we work.

Percy might be a “troubled” kid, but there are things that he can do to help him boost his confidence in order for him to do well in school. Maybe if he fails then he should try harder next time, for example, if he fails his math test, then he should try harder to focus on studying and when the next math test is assigned, he can try again and maybe he can do better.

Another way for Percy to boost his confidence is to recognize his strength, what he is good at, that’s what he should work on. Maybe if he is good at reading Latin, maybe he can do his best on Latin and became a language expert. And when you are good at something, you feel that you are not a loser and you can actually achieve something. Let’s look at an example of me, when I was in third grade, I was bad at math, reading, writing, science etc. I was really depressed, but when I started to play basketball I noticed my strength, i started to play basketball every day and I gained confidence and I was improving on many subjects

Just a reminding, Percy can boost his confidence by trying harder next time when he fails, and he can find his strength and work on it so he feels he can be good at something.

To sum this up, Percy can try again when he fails and find something he’s good at to boost his confidence in order to do well in school.

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