Lightbox Reflection

For this unit of Product Design, we are assigned to make a light box that reminds un of somewhere that is important to us. The place i choose is LA’s Hollywood sign because first, I’ve lived in LA for a long time and Hollywood is my favorite place to go. Unfortunately because of covid I’m not able to go.

One piece of feedback I’ve gotten on my lightbox is to cut holes in my very back layer because now one of the problems that my li

ghtbox faces is when i open the lights because of back layer not much light can pass through to light up the whole box, the part i would cut out is probably the sky since there is just large chunks of blue as the sky and i messed up the color of the sky so i will cut that part.

Along with the time of making this light box, i’ve learned several skills, I’ve learned how to use Adobe Illustrator to make my layers, to create rounded corners, to turn a icons downloaded online to lines that allows me to edit the icons and make them readable to the laser cutter. Another skill that I’ve learned is to properly use super glue, I’ve learned that if you got super glue on your hands don’t peal it of, it will take off along with your skin, a good way to use super glue is to use tweezers to replace your hand to hold whatever you want to glue.

Something I learned about myself during this project is that i don’t like to double check. I know this because I messed up my laser wood cutting 3 times just because i refuse to double check, i will improve myself by double check every time from now on.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be to plan well before you start making your actual thing, I’ve learned this the hard way, before i thought i’ve done enough planning so i started to construct my layers right away, but when i bring it to the teacher i’ve noticed several crucial mistakes that led to me redoing my layers.

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