Reflection on Water Filters Testing


Materials Used:

  1. Bottle (1)
  2. Window Sill (1)
  3. Thick Cloth (1)
  4. Wooden Pipe (1)
  5. Rocks
  6. CottonĀ 

Engineering is important. Black holes would have never been discovered is it wasn’t for Hans Lippershey. We wouldn’t be communicating if for Alexander Graham Bell. Engineering is a big part of this world. 40% of this world is made by engineering. Without it, we would lose our creativity.

Our challenge was how our filtered water is always yellow, and it kept repeating this, getting more yellowish every time. We overcame that by trying out different materials that we didn’t put into account.

Our design is a bottle, with the cap side pointing down . We cut the bottle in half, putting materials inside to filter the water. I thought it would be a advantage if we have the tiny cap part pointing down, filtering the water slowly instead of the water coming out quickly. I would use more cotton in order for the water to get cleaner (we were out of cotton).


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