Our Stories Make History

Our Stories Make History was a project where we show what it is like living in a global pandemic, and reflecting on our emotions and we are talking from a perspective when there is history to be made.

I organized my project by doing a scrapbook. I think that doing a scrap book will be better for a primary source, and not an online thing. I also organized my project to have pictures and words divided “uniformly to make the reader get an idea from both word and pictures.

My scrapbook will be important because I described what it was like in the pandemic and lots of ways, and it summarizes and helps historians analyze what it was like.

I am most proud of my performance project, which was a poem, for how I brainstormed and had to get lots of inspirations from everyday life.

I think the most difficult was the diary entry because I know there is a lot happening right now, but I cannot find lots of things to write about.


One thought on “Our Stories Make History

  1. One thing you did well was describing what’s happening during quarantine, the poem was really nice. It also helped me visualize as a reader while reading.

    After reading this primary source I realize how much more cases we have now compared to before and how everything escalated really quickly.

    I like how you presented some parts using a book instead of like a word document or pages.

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