Percy and His Choices Have Consequences That Cause Great Impacts to Himself and His Community

Choices are made on a regular basis; some healthy, some erroneous, causing consequential impacts. Fixating on Percy Jackson, he determines choices in everyday life that changes his life in numerous ways. ADHD (Fidgeting and blurting), personal relationships (positive and negative relationships), and emotions (controlling his temper) sometimes cause Percy to misbehave, however, these problems can be changed with simple solutions in the following.

ADHD affects a lot of people by pressing them to blurt out and to fidget uncontrollably. Percy is disturbed by ADHD, making him constantly impetuous, such as when written on page two, “I had this accident with this revolutionary war cannon. I wasn’t aiming for the school bus, but of course I got expelled anyway. According to a Newsela article, fidgeting is one of the symptoms of ADHD. Another precedent is when Percy exclaimed, “Will you shut up?!” on page 5. This impulsive statement was when Nancy Bobofit antagonized Percy. Instead of contemplating, Percy immediately blurted out with loud volume. As shown, people with ADHD are affected with these symptoms, however, could be mitigated by the following suggestions: According to the article, “Neurodiversity: A Different View of ADHD” (Cricket media,2018), “People with ADHD also do their best in a stimulating environment.” This means that the system or theme of their learning could affect Percy, one resolution might be to (since Percy likes Greek Mythology) apply Myths to his classes. This could benefit Percy for a better education. Also, “There are many tools and apps to help someone get organized.” This shows that Percy could download apps to help him remind him of his goals and regulate his mood.

“My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room” or “I was really glad to see her” introduces Percy’s relationships. Percy and his Mother have a healthy relationship, and according to an article by the University of Minnesota, having good, positive relationships allow you to live longer and be healthier. Percy also has a good friend Grover, and constantly makes choices because of him, such as on page 3, “Grover tried to calm me down” which shows how friends interact with each other to recommend the best choices with their friends. Grover made Percy feel better. “I started choking up, thinking about Grover” establishes to the reader of a healthy relationship with Grover. On the other side of relationships, a lot of choices are influenced by unhealthy relationships, such as with Nancy Bobofit when Percy’s “Mind went blank” after Nancy Bobofit taunted him, and this leads to a lot of impulsive actions that cause stress and anger. One endorsement could be to help Percy develop more genuine relationships, in other words, having more friends. Another quote in the article previously mentioned shows that having more relationships help you “deal with stress”. Anxiety would no longer be a problem for Percy since his friends would always be there to help them.

One other major factor that influences Percy’s decisions is how he regulates his mood and emotions. Sometimes, Percy is overwhelmed by his feeling causing him to act without thinking. “I’m going to kill her” (Page 3) was gritted out by Percy when he got mad at Nancy Bobofit or when “I tried to stay cool. The school counselor had told me a million times, count to ten, get control of your temper” but I was so mad my mind went blank. A wave roared in my ears”(page 9) and willed Nancy Bobofit into the fountain. He was constantly annoyed, such as when he “threw the Cambridge Guide to Greek Mythology” across his dorm room. The choices mentioned above are how his emotions pestered him to do things he would later regret. Some strategies Percy could implement to could be to, according to, try for regulation, not repression. Some ways of calming down could be to look at the main source of what you are feeling; perhaps not enough sleep, something you are anxious about and this might find a reason why you are angry that even you are not aware of. Another way could be to express yourself and let your thoughts flow into a mood journal. Writing a mood journal not only lets you reflect on your feelings, moreover, it also helps people express themselves and this might help to clear up any pessimism.

In conclusion, the ADHD, Negative relationships, Bad emotions can cause Percy to misbehave at certain times. Notwithstanding, the problems can be fixed by such as applying a stimulation environment, inviting more people to be their friend, or accepting their emotions, and not neglecting them could make a real difference between being impetuous and depressed to optimistic and calm.

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