Faux Leather Challenge

In this unit, we had to design a solvency to a problem we encounter in everyday life. One problem I always have is losing my phone, or dropping my phone. (That is what happened to my Iphone 6: It dropped from my desk and commited suicide. To overcome this problem, I decided to create a holster to hold my phone so it never drops or gets lost again, Here is my final design:

1.How does your final product solve your initial problem?

By designing a holster, I could easily keep track of my phone since i can hang it over my neck, and I can hang it so it would not drop and break my phone.

2.What part made you struggle the most?

The sowing part was the hardest. I could not find the hang of sowing in a systematic, straight line so the aesthetics of my project was not as great. The sowing machine was hard to control, so I did not manage to sow in a straight line, which made the project harder to finish.

3.What are the most imporant features?

The buttons made the design especially better because this way the phone would not fall out of the pocket.

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