My Smell Detector Reflection

In this design unit, we were tasked with the challenge of creating a smell detector: a small, handheld device that identifies smells. My design was a shooter that you can wear on your arm and will shoot out a disc and I dedicated this machine that will identifie objects in a small radius or cramped space that people can not reach their hands into, for example a nuclear plant.

My design is inspired by Spider Man’s web shooter as well as an anime dart watch. These designs inspired me for I like the watch and shooting design. I like the design of the watch because it is a convenient design and the dart shooting design is cool and it also allows small spaces to be easily detected, for example a confined space a hand could not reach into could easily be reached into.             



My Lightbox Project

Product Design


In product design, not only did we have a lot of fun, we learned a significant amount of knowledge based on technology. The world is constantly changing; more inventions, enhanced products. Product design is a great class for us to catch up whilst learning some of the ways important designs are created. For this specific unit, we learned about making lightbox, which is a wooden structure composed of different layers to represent a scenery. The place I chose for my scene was Maldives, focusing on the beach as well as the “vibes” in that atmosphere.

Overall, my lightbox was a success. I have recreated the actual scenery intricately using wood, and people could see the resemblance of the beach and my lightbox. My lightbox is also detailed, which brings more attention to people as there are many more objects that represent the things in real life. To be specific, my biggest success is on designing my layers. Gluing or cutting out certain places on my lightbox was not hard; it is designing the layers that actually took my time. My biggest obstacle was making the layers as it involved creativity and skills in our developing software, adobe illustrator, to make the layers. Firstly we had imagine and +out the icon we want and then to finally fit all the layers together. We repeated this project a lot of times to make sure our lightboxes stood out.


Some things I would change is making my lightbox even more detailed. I would like to do this because this will make my lightbox more realistic, so the actual picture of the beach could be easily imagined and thought of. Some advice from friends is also in correlation with making the scene look more life-like and realistic. I would also give my lightbox some color the next time I made it, but I stuck with not painting it this time because I liked the wooden texture and feel of my lightbox.


In conclusion, I had a really fun unit in product design. Not only did we have fun and collaborate with our friends, we also had the opportunity to learn useful knowledge in design.